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Eazifeed Ready to Use Plant Food and Fertiliser 750g


Eazifeed Ready to Use Plant Food and Fertiliser 750g


Eazifeed Ready to Use Growmore Multipurpose Plant Food 750g  (99p)

Eazifeed Growmore 7-7-7 multi-purpose plant food is ideal to give plants around your garden a balance of nutrients. Eazifeed Growmore can be used for general plant feeding, beds, borders, vegetable pots and even the lawn. The food is fast acting and will ensure strong and healthy growth. 

Eazifeed Ready to Use Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser 750g (99p)

Eazifeed Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser is ready to use all around the garden. It is ideal for use on root crops, peas, beans, sweet peas, dahlias, peony, gladioli and deciduous shrubs. It encourages strong root growth and healthy rapid establishment of new plants.  

Sil Picnic Table and Umbrella 4 Piece Condiment Set

23 /07/2014

Sil Picnic Table and Umbrella 4 Piece Condiment Set  (£4.99) is a lovely novelty condiment with a fully operational umbrella that comes out of the table. 

The set is approximately 19 x 15.5 x 30cm and includes:

1 bench, 1 umbrella, 2 sauce bottles, 1 salt shaker and 1 pepper shaker.