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Badedas Induldgent Bath Gelee 750ml – £6.95


Badedas Induldgent Bath Gelee 750ml  £6.95

Badedas Rich Bath Gelee Essence Original is a bath cream which aims to combine pure luxury and indulgence. The bubble bath foam is rich, opulent and enhanced with the unusual and seductive scents of its well selected ingredients. The formula contains extract of horse chestnut, a rich and nourishing addition to the blend. A mixture of natural moisturisers and emollients leaves your skin feeling soft and thoroughly hydrated. As well as being moisturised, you can reveal in the delicate and decadent fragrance of Badedas. This bath soak aims to whisk you away to a world of opulence and pampering, and is the perfect way to relax after a long day of hard work. Intensely rich essence

  • Distinctive fragrance of Badedas
  • Contains extract of horse chestnut
  • Leaves skin soft an delicately fragranced
  • Dermatologically tested