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Beaphar Cats & Dogs Grooming Products

Beaphar Lactol 500g  £6.99 BEAPHAR LACTOL 500G

Lactol Vitamin Fortified Milk Powder for puppies and kittens are also suitable for baby rabbits and other small furries.

Lactol has been saving the lives of puppies and kittens for generations. Made from easily digestible whey proteins, it is extremely palatable and of optimum biological value due to its excellent amino acid content, and the special low-temperature drying process, which preserves fragile protein structures.

Beaphar Shampoo For Dogs Odour Neutraliser 250ml£1.99

Odour Neutralising Shampoo effectively banishes odours and smells leaving your dog smelling fresher for longer

Beaphar Shampoo For Dogs Greasy Coat 250ml  £1.99BEAPHAR SHAMPOO FOR DOGS GREASY COAT 250ML

Herbal shampoo Beaphar Shampoo for Greasy Coats is a specially formulated shampoo for all dogs with greasy coats. The special mix of herbs and natural oils revives greasy hair and gives your dog’s coat a visibly healthier look. The shampoo is pH-neutral and so is suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Beaphar Ear Cleaner 50ml for Cats And Dogs  £2.99

Sterile ear cleaner for cats & dogs A sterile ear cleaner for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age. It contains MSM to reduce irritations. If used twice weekly it can help keep ears free of waxy deposits that allow ear mite populations to develop thus avoiding canker.

BEAPHAR FRESH BREATH TABLETS 40SBeaphar Fresh Breath Tablets 40s  £2.99

These Breath Freshener Tablets are ideal for cats and dogs and are specially formulated to provide long term action in dogs and cats with breath odour problems.