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Best4ecigs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

If you have been looking for Electronic Cigarette starter kits, then you’re  in luck. Best4ecigs Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit (£14.90) is affordable and includes one of most popular 64mm electronic cigarettes. Thisdiscount electronic cigarette starter kit also includes a convenient USB charger and three spare cartridges (cartomizers) in high strength tobacco e-liquid blend. With its next generation rechargeable 64mm electronic cigarette, USB charger and three high strength tobacco cartridges (cartomizers) it’s no wonder many of our patrons consider this to be our best electronic cigarette starter kit to date.

The Electronic Cigarette starter Kit includes:

1 x Rechargeable Electronic E-Cigarette (length: 64mm)

1 x USB Charger

3 x High Strength Tobacco Cartridges (approx 60 Traditional Cigs)

Best4ecigs Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges (£7.90) is also available in store. Each Refill Pack contains 5 cartridges which is equivalent to approx 100 traditional cigarettes