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Bob The Builder Popularily Getting Better

Bob The Builder is still popular search term online. The chart below from google insight shows the interest is growing coming towards christmas for obvious reason. However, their activities around TV, shelter project, Publication, Live Concert and Games contributes a lot.

Bob interest

Concord Extra has  three type of watches in stock for you.
Bob Builder LCD Watch 58

Fun fliptop Lcd watch; Featuring Bob The Builder in classic pose; Manufacturer's recommended age 3+.

Bob Builder LCD Watch 31


Interchangeable watch -  Great for clipping to your clothing/bags, and you also get to choose which character you would like on your watch. It includes 4 interchangable faces and unused faces can be used as badges.

Bob Builder LCD Watch 33


We also have another interchangeable watch giving your children fun to change and choose from 4 different characters of their choice!



Let us know if you have participated in any of their activities with comments in this post.