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Have you got a pair of Waders ?

Chest waders are most popular fishing waders because you can get to very shallow stream completely dry. They keep you dry whether you are fishing on a lake or during rain. They keep you tidy when you are making up ground bait. Chest waders show its significance during sea fishing. They cover you up while you are busy doing messy bait. Just walk into the sea and all your mess is washed off. You are back with good as new wader!

Quick release buckles in chest warders are an important safety feature just in case you fall in. You can easily release the shoulder straps and you leave water safely. They are made to fit comfortably allowing room to bend, stretch and walking without splitting or leaking.

Thigh waders are better for certain types of fishing than the chest. Thigh waders are a lot lighter. They keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, this is a tremendous breakthrough. You will find they are lot cheaper than chest waders. Some of the qualities you should look for thigh waders are

  • Soft supple upper made from top quality materials.
  • Good deep-cleated sole for extra grip

Don’t forget to keep a wading stick because of the uneven nature of a riverbed. You need something to test the depth before you take a step as it is all too easy to step into a hole and flood your waders or completely fall in and endanger your life, especially on fast flowing rivers.

Concord Extra has three kinds of Fladen Waders; Fladen Chest Waders, Thigh Waders and Breathable Waders. Fladen is a Swedish brand and they supply to most European countries. They are good quality because they carry out design & development in Europe.

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