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Burns Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food

Burns Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food is hypoallergenic, contains no Burns Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Fooddairy, wheat, soya or beef and is suitable for use with holistic veterinary treatment.

Burns Chicken and brown rice is ideal for adult dogs, including seniors, and contains no artificial colours or flavours and is naturally preserved.  It contains a minimum of 20% chicken and uses no battery hen meat. The food helps to naturally maintain the immune system, coat, skin and digestive tract as well as the skeletal, respiratory and nervous systems.

Here’s a review:

“I have fed my two dogs on Burns Chicken & brown rice for a year now and they are in great condition with shiny coats and good teeth, they are full of energy too. I would not change to any other brand! “

Burns Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food is available in 2kg (£6.99) and 15kg (£46.99).