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Car Pride Wash & Wax


Car Pride Wash & Wax 1 L
is high concentrated shampoo which quickly eliminates dirt and grime from your car. This shampoo also has the benefit of added wax providing a clean, shining, protected finish in one application.

Car Pride Carnauba Wash & Wax 2 L
is a shampoo with carnauba wax which provides you with a professional showroom shine on your vehicle. It polishes and shines any vehicle, is salt free and biodegradable.

T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection Kit

T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection Kit


T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection Kit  (£21.99) contains 1 x T- Cut Colorfast 500ml, 1 x T-Cut Colour Seal 500ml, a microfibre applicator pad and microfibre cloth. The T-Cut Colourfast is designed to remove scratches, intensify the colour and shine paintwork while the T-Cut Colour Seal is designed to lock in that shine and lock out the elements for up to 12 months. 

Carplan Soft Top Connoisseur Renovation Kit – £19.99

Carplan Soft Top Connoisseur Renovation Kit

Carplan Soft Top Connoisseur Renovation Kit – £19.99

Cleans, protects and reproofs all colours of fabric hood.

Kit Contains:

Soft Top Cleaner 500m helps you effortlessly removes grime, ingrained dirt and stubborn stains without impairing the appearance of the convertible car’s fabric hood. Soft top cleaner is the ideal preparation for the soft top before application of the protector.

Soft Top Protector 500ml is specially formulated to re-proof, protect and preserve the cabriolet hood, extending its life whilst keeping it looking clean and fresh. Quick and easy to apply, soft top protector will revive the colour and instantly improve the look of all fabric hoods.

Applicator Sponge is a specially designed sponge which works the soft top cleaner into the fabric. It has an excellent dirt shifting ability to remove stubborn marks with ease.

Triple Wax Valeting Products



Triplewax Bumper Shine (£4.69) guarantees a ‘new look’ shine every time on plastic bumpers of all colours. It is suitable for use on all PVC trim, plastic bumpers, tyre walls, side mirrors and spoiler kits for outstanding long-lasting results.

The advanced Bumper Shine anti-static cleaning technology fights against the build up of dirt, grease and grime, leaving a protective layer with a durable shine on all exterior PVC.

Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine (£6.79) is a revolution in car care technology and the most versatile car cleaning product on the market. Clean, polish and protect your vehicle in one easy application – without water! No need for sponges, shampoo, buckets, hoses or mess!

The CarPlan Triplewax Car Polish  (£8.49) is suitable for all paint finishes including metallic and it can be easily applied to wet or dry paintwork, even in direct sunlight. It combines three of the world’s finest wax extracts to provide the original triplewax protection and an unsurpassed shine that protects all year round.

Triplewax Fabric Cleaner (£5.69) is a powerful foam action cleaner that removes dirt marks and grime from all types of fabric upholstery including carpets, mats, seats, roof linings and trim panels. The fast acting formula penetrates and lifts the dirt and grime without bleaching and will dry without staining. The technologically advanced cleaning process leaves a protective layer over the upholstery which repels dust helping to prevent further grime build up. The citrus fragrance helps to neutralise stale odours caused by food, tobacco and pets etc.

Sadolin Supercoat High Performance Woodstain Redwood 2.5 L – £9.99

Sadolin Supercoat High Performance Woodstain Redwood 2.5 L SADOLIN SUPERCOAT HIGH PERFORMANCE WOODSTAIN REDWOOD 2.5L

For Exterior Wood, Long lasting protection from one coat, easy application with a professional finish, resists blistering and flaking.

Sadolin Supercoat is a true high performance, low-maintenance translucent exterior wood stain which uses high solids, low solvent resin technology. Sadolin Supercoat has a medium to high build finish. Its sheen level will vary from matt to gloss depending on the texture and adsorption of the timber surface.

Sadolin Supercoat is suitable for all exterior timber, in particularly joinery, large areas such as cladding and fascias, and rough sawn timber such as fencing. It is not suitable for direct application to bare Iroko or Teak surfaces. Some types of bare or undecorated timbers should be base stained with Sadolin Classic prior to applying Sadolin Supercoat.

Here’s a short video that shows ways of keeping wood natural:

Maxi Fix – for your DIY essentials

Maxi Fix Epoxy Adhesive 28g – 99p 


Maxi Fix epoxy adhesive is a strong, long lasting adhesive which automatically dispenses into equal parts with one push.  No mess, spilling or dried out tubes.  Slow setting allows parts to be repositioned within 30 minutes.  Actual setting times depend on ambient conditions. It is good for  bonding wood, ceramic, chipboard, glass, metal, masonry, dry concrete, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber, fibreglass and most hard plastics.

Maxi Fix Super Glue 3 Pack  – 99p

  • Professional super strength adhesive in 10g bottles
  • Strong adhesion within seconds
  • Ideal for bonding wood, metal, plastic, porcelain, leather, paper, card and many more everyday surfaces


Maxi Fix Precision Screwdriver 9 Piece  – £1.99

  • Bit storage in pen handle
  • Knurled finish for better grip
  • Magnetic bit holder
  • Pocket clip
  • Ideal for repairing glasses, electronics and many other items



MAXI FIX HEAVY DUTY STAPLE GUN WITH STAPLES Maxi Fix Heavy Duty Staple Gun Includes 400 Staples  – £6.99 

  • Includes 400 staples – 200 8mm, 200 6mm
  • Durable steel body with impact adjuster
  • Non slip rubber contour grip handle
  • One handed, continuous operation for ease of use


  • Ideal for upholstery/carpet padding and DIY
  • Handle lock for safety
  • Powerful driving force
  • A quality heavy duty stapler for your toolkit!

MAXI FIX WOODWORKING ADHESIVE 800MLMaxi Fix Woodworking Adhesive 800ml  £2.49

  • Super strength & quick drying
  • Dries clear for professional finish
  • Ideal for joinery, craft and furniture assembly
  • Large 800ml bottle for extra consumer value


Krud Kutter Rust Remover Trigger 946ml


krud kutter

Krud Kutter Rust Remover Trigger 946ml (£4.99)
 is unique get formula is ideal for vertical surfaces, and clings to the substrate to enable the rust removing crystals to attack and dissolve rust. It is water-Based, Biodegradable and Non-Flammable

Krud Kutter provides a clean surface free of contaminants, which  creates a secure bond for any primer, paint, coating, etc. and enhances the performance of the paint.

The proprietary (water-based) formulation penetrates into every void of a metal surface and dissolves rust/oxidation through chemical action. Then tiny, rust-inhibiting crystals are formed and become integral with the surface molecules of the metal to resist future rusting. It removes blueing on firearms instantly.

Always test first on an inconspicuous area. For best results apply in ambient temperature of 70F (21.11 C) or above. On metal, maintain wet solution on surface to remove rust. Once the rust is dissolved, rinse or wipe the surface, and wait one hour or more before painting. Do not allow remover to dry on painted surfaces. For improved paint adhesion on clean metal surfaces, dilute remover 50/50 with water, apply solution, and rinse or wipe the surface. To use as a rust inhibitor on unpainted metal, allow the remover to dry on the surface after the rust is dissolved. The remover will then protect bare metal against rust for up to 12 months. MFR will etch concrete and turn the surface white. Recommend covering concrete with a plastic drop cloth for protection.

Directions for Use:

Remove oil and grease from the metal to be treated. Rinse the metal to break the surface tension and wash away loose dirt. Apply the remover by brush, spray or by dipping. Use plastic, glass or stainless steel containers. Disassemble units composed of moveable parts before cleaning. Clean parts and allow drying before reassembling.

Oil Grabber 227g – Worlds Best Oil Stain Remover

Oil Grabber 227g Worlds Best Oil Stain Remover  £2.99 [RRP £14.99 ]

Oil Grabber removes oil Stains from Concrete before Painting or  Staining. It outperforms conventional liquid degreasers. It Absorbs and lifts embedded oil stains, as it dries from liquid to powder.

 Product Features

  • The only product proven effective on concrete
  • Also works on asphalt, composite/wood decks, patios, pavers and more!
  • Also removes stains from anti-freeze, brake fluid, cooking oils, diesel fluid, grease, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, tar, transmission fluid, tree sap & wax
  • Use on asphalt (blacktop), concrete, composite decks, driveways, garage floors, masonry, patios, walkways, wood & more

HG Ceramic Quarry Floor and Natural Stone Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit

HG Ceramic Quarry Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit £5.99  includes  everything you need to keep your floors looking sparkly and new. The Shine Cleaner gives all types of tile and stone floors a finish to be proud of. The fresh scented sheen finish enhances the colour of the floor and helps to protect against future dirt. The Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover removes fat stains and stubborn dirt, and finally the Spot Stain Remover is extremely efficient at cleaning flag stones and paving slabs of all stains.

  • HG Shine Cleaner cleans and protects in one go and is suitable for all tiled and stone floors.
  • HG Polish, Wax & Dirt Remover removes polish, wax layers, etc and is ideal for renovating old tiled and stoned floors.
  • HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover is low foaming so can be used in a scrubbing machine.
  • HG Spot Stain Remover removes stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces like quarry, terra cotta tiles, brick and concrete driveways.
  • Coverage: 1 litre will be sufficient to wash a floor area of 20m2 approx. 20 times.

HG Natural Stone Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit £5.99 are for regular maintenance cleaning and give an extra shine to your floor. The HG Natural Stone Stripper removes polishes, wax and deeply embedded dirts. Lastly, the HG Spot Stain Remover cleans oil, grease and fat stains from marble, jura, travertine and other calcareous stone floors.

  • HG Wash & Shine is suitable for both treated and untreated floors.
  • HG Wash & Shine is also ideal for crystallized marble floor.
  • HG Natural Stone Stripper DOES NOT attack or remove the original gloss of the marble or stone.
  • HG Natural Stone Stripper can neutralise surfaces after treatment with polishing powders.

Stanley DIY products at Discount Prices

Stanley Multi-Purpose Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive 5 Rolls   STANLEY MULTI-PURPOSE READY MIXED WALLCOVERING ADHESIVE 5 ROLLS£11.99

Stanley Multi-Purpose Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive is a super strong ready to use adhesive with easy slide properties. It is suitable for hanging all types of heavyweight and luxury wall coverings.


STANLEY TOUGH AS NAILS EXTERIOR GRAB ADHESIVE TUBE 340GStanley Tough As Nails Exterior Grab Adhesive Tube 340g £3.99

Stanley Tough as Nails is an instant, solvent free grab adhesive suitable for most exterior applications, simply stick and move on.

Holds instantly. High bond strength. Safe and easy to use. Solvent free. Exterior use. Water resistant. Easy clean up


Stanley Easy Mix Filler 1.5kg £3.99 STANLEY EASY MIX FILLER 1.5KG

Stanley Multi-Purpose Easy Mix Filler can be used for interior or exterior applications. The filler is use suitable for use with plaster, plasterboard, wood, brick, stone and most other building materials.




Stanley Multi-Purpose Sealant Cartridge Translucent 300ml £3.99

Stanley Multi-Purpose Sealant is a high quality polymer sealant that is suitable for most interior and exterior applications. Typical household uses include sealing around sinks, baths, PPVC windows and worktops.


STANLEY MULTI-PURPOSE WALLPAPER REPAIR ADHESIVE TUBE 200MLStanley Multi-Purpose Wallpaper Repair Adhesive Tube 200ml

Stanley Multi-Purpose Wallpaper Repair Adhesive is specially formulated for fixing decorative borders, as well as small repairs to wallpaper and overlapping seams for long lasting results. 


STANLEY SHOWER & BATH SILICONE SEALANT CARTRIDGE TRANSLUCENT 300ML Stanley Shower & Bath Silicone Sealant Cartridge Translucent 300ml £5.99

Stanley Shower & Bath Silicone Sealant is a high quality waterproof, anti-mould silicone sealant that is suitable for most sanitary sealing tasks. Typical household uses include sealing around sinks, baths, basins, shower trays, splash-backs and worktops.

Ideal for use in shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. “Anti-Mould” silicone sealant. Waterproof.Easy to apply and finish


Car Pride Showroom Shine Wicked Wax 180g

Car Pride Showroom Shine Wicked Wax 180g  (£1.00) is specially formulated to clean and protect your paintwork. The soft wax formula gives a brilliant shine and protects paintwork from weather and road grime. The UV protector also protects paint work from direct sunlight. It is suitable for all paint surfaces.

  • Durable finish
  • Tough protection
  • For that showroom shine

Discount Dickies Clothing at Concord Extra

Discount Dickies Clothing at Concord Extra

Dickies Grafter Trousers (Grey and Khaki)–  £24.99

As the name suggests our Grafter Trousers are the toughest money can buy.  They incorporate high performance nylon based Cordura fabric which is extremely resistant to tearing, scuffing and abrasion providing top performance in all aspects of work.  With multiple pockets and triple stitching throughout, our Grafters won’t let you down. 

Dickies Tampa Fleece Jacket Navy – £29.99

This stylish fleece will help you keep warm and dry anytime of the year.  It has plenty of zipped pockets to keep your phone, wallet and must haves in. 

Dickies Aspen Lightweight Waterproof Jacket – £44.99

Perfect as a lightweight jacket on its own, theAspenalso forms part of the Dickies new Interactive System where this can be combined with other garments. It is lightweight for warmer weather and fully waterproof.

Dickies Long Sleeve T-Shirt  – £5.99

The Dickies Long Sleeve T-Shirt provides the option of additional arm coverage for colder working conditions. Designed to be a slightly loose fitting product, these are particularly popular during the winter months.  

Dickies Work wear at Concord Extra

Dickies Red Hawk Action Trousers (£15.99) are lightweight and Dickies Black & Navy Redhawk Action Trousersextremely comfortable, with zipped pockets to secure your loose items.These are very functional trousers with Knee Pad Pockets. They suit busy Workmen, Electricians, Joiners, Plumbers, Carpet Fitters

Builders, Tilers, Dry-Liners and Plasterers. The multi zip pockets will help carry your tools. There is plenty of storage space with zipped thigh pockets; there are two zipped back pockets, and hand pockets at the front, too, which also zip.

The Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers are one of the brand’s best sellers made from 260g of heavy-wearing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These are available in Navy and Black with Waist 32″ – 40″.

Dickies Super Work Redhawk Trousers(£15.99) are hard wearing cargo Dickies Black Super Work Redhawk Trousersstyle work trousers which are easy care and give a professional look.

Some of its features are:

  • Key Fob on Waistband,
  • Button and YKK Zip Fastening,
  • Cargo Style Pocket with Button Fastening,
  • Two Front & Rear Pocketswith Buttoned Flap Closure,
  • HammerLoopon Right Leg, Rule Pocket on Left Leg,
  • External Knee Pad Pouches,
  • Triple Stitched Seam Detailing

These made from 260g of heavy-wearing 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These are available in Navy and Black with Waist 32″ – 40″.

Dickies Antrim Super Safety Boot Brown  (£29.99) are 6″ leather workboot Dickies Antrim Super Safety Boot Brownwith seven eyelets and a padded tongue. Their dual density PU soles, steel toe-caps to EN20345 (200 Joules) makes them exceptionally safe. They are also oil and slip resistant.

Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker Boot BlackDickies Fury Super Safety Hiker Boot Black (£29.99) are steel midsole for underfoot protection. They have got an antistatic plus Shock Absorbent Heel for extra safety. They have also got a Dual density polyurethane sole and is slip resistant. The Steel toe-cap can withhold force up to 200 Joules.

For other Dickies brands product visit our store.

Discount Goodyear tools

Discounted Goodyear tools

Goodyear 19.5” Tool Box (£9.99) is good quality fitted with Sturdy Carrying Handle and Quick Lock Closure. It has built in organisation compartments to keep your tools separate. It has got padlock eye for secure locking.

Goodyear Led Rechargeable Work Light (£19.99)  has 31 high intensity LED bulbs. It is ideal for use under car bonnets, in emergencies such as breakdowns, DIY and can also be used during leisure activities such as camping.

Goodyear Rechargeable Spotlight (£24.99) is suitable for a variety of automotive, workshop, industrial, domestic and leisure applications. It is a portable cordless torch with two charging methods; 240V mains and 12V car power (cigarette lighter socket) socket, both of the required chargers are included in the package so you will always have light when required. 

It boasts a powerful 2 million candle power (128 lumens) from a high intensity 55W halogen bulb and also has an additional 3 LED lights on the handle.

Goodyear Folding Hex 8 Piece Key Set (£4.99) is made with high quality corrosion resistant aluminum. It has ball point heads which enable angled use. It is a compact pocket size and includes .5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.

Some must have adhesive & sealant for your DIY

151 All Purpose Filler 750g (99p) is a ready to use, ready mixed filler for interior and exterior use. It is suitable for plaster, plasterboard, brick, wood and stone and can be sanded when dry. It is good value for money especially when it is 50% extra free!

151 Wood Glue Tube 180ml(99p) is an easy to use flexi tube. It dries harder than wood itself. It bonds all types of woods permanently.

Some must have adhesive & sealant for your DIY project

151 Wall Tile And Grout Powder 600g(£1.00) is an instant mix wall tile grout suitable for use with all wall tiles and can be used both inside and outside in joints up to 3mm. Its coverage will be approximately 2 square metres per 600g box depending on the tile thickness and the gap between tiles.

Everbuild All Purpose Instant Filler 330g(99p) is an easy to use ready mixed filler with quick drying properties, which makes the product ideal for instant repairs to minor surface imperfections in most porous surfaces e.g. plaster, wood, render etc. When applied as directed, the filler dries to a smooth but tough crack resistant sandable finish that may be painted, papered or stained. This filler is suitable for both internal and external use.

Everbuild Flexible Decorators Filler 330g(99p) is a fast drying, acrylic based filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. It can be over painted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper & does not require sanding down.

Best Working Gloves: Protect Your Hand Form Dirt & Danger

Working gloves are essential to protect our hands from different types of dirt and also to keep our hands safe from chemicals and heat. There are different kinds of working gloves available in the market. Here at Concord Extra we have some good quality gloves to suit your needs.

Work Gloves Hand Protection Easi-Safe (69p) is made with polyester and Work Gloves Hand Protection Easi-Safea polyurethane coating providing excellent abrasion, tear resistance and good grip. Its tight knit gives perfect support, limits the penetration of dirt and offers a good touch.

Sil Oily Work GlovesSil Oily Work Gloves (99p) has a smooth finish with excellent abrasion resistance. They are comfortable & uniquely formulated PVC compound resistant to mild Acids Alkalis Oils & Grease.

Sil Rigger Style Work Gloves

Sil Rigger Style Work Gloves (99p) are all purpose gloves made to handle those entire rugged, heavy jobs. They are made with tough leather palm and cotton back for total flexibility. Its 51mm (2″) cuff provides added protection.

Consumer Car Maintenance Report

ConcordExtra administered a survey via Facebook (March 2012), through Consumer Car Maintenance Report March 2012Facebook competition. The results were compiled based on responses of the survey’s 438 participants. We asked a simple question:

Which one of these applies to you?

  • I repair my car
  • I go to the garage for repairs

Only 26 % of respondents repair their car themselves and 74% go to the garage for repairs. We also asked to specify the reason for choosing their answers. Here are five selected comments:

I go to the garage for repairs


I repair my car

I have children and need to make sure that all repairs are carried our professionally so that the car is safe to drive. It’s cheaper and I feel confident that the job will be done properly and I wont be charged for something that isn’t even wrong with it or that hasn’t even been fixed. If my family is being driven in my car I want to know that it is safe.

Merle Busch, London

Natalie Goatley,Cornwall

I really don’t know where to start with a car and would rather a professional got it right and the car was safe than for me to attempt it and make a mistake. I repair my car, i always have done too. i am very particular about my car and like to know everything has been done to my standards and not been rushed. i like to know that my car runs well and looks mint and know that it hasnt cost me a fortune in the process too!

Caroline Hird,Plymouth

Kirsty Burke,Devon

As I am so useless at car mechanics it would cost me more in the long run to try to do anything myself. Luckily I have access to ‘a man who does’ who kindly checks fluid levels, tyre pressures etc on a regular basis (my husband) In return I help keep both our cars clean and sparkling. My husband has a classic car and he likes to tinker with his new baby. Or should i say *old *baby. he has found 1 garage that specialises in classic cars and he will trust them to do a few bits that he cant do from his own garage. And this set will certainly help him.

Patricia Avery,Lincolnshire

Catherine  West,  Essex

Sadly time is not on my side but I love my car and want the best for it and my half job would not be right! I repair my car myself as it’s cheaper to us buy the parts i need and then repair them, i don’t have to pay additional costs for manual labour and i can be 100% sure the job is done properly

Claire Nelson, Hertfordshire

Lisa Dunne,Middlesbrough

So as it’s done properly and also the time factor. Gives me a sense of pride that I have looked after my own vehicle.

Lucky Winner: Russ Davidson, Angus

Michael Burt, Merseyside

What do you think about this report? Please leave a comment.

Discounted Car Wax & Polish

Car wax shines the paintwork as your “smoothing” out the surface of the paint by “filling” in many of the imperfections in the paintwork. Car Polish removes very fine layers of the top coat protection giving a highly polished look. Concord Extra has good range of car wax and polish at a discounted price.

Some discount car wax & polish at Concord Extra

151 Carpride Scratch Removal Kit(£1.99) is the quick and easy way to restore the colour of your car to showroom condition. The kit includes Scratch remover 225ml, Microfibre cloth & Application Sponge. The Scratch Remover removes minor scratches and swirls, light oxidation, ingrained road grime, tar spots and dried insects. Scratch Remover also contains a special wax that will leave a polished protective shine after use.

151 Car Pride 300ml Spray Wax (99p) is a brilliant product. It makes wax removal easy & adds extra protection in seconds.

T Cut Colour Fast Mid Blue 500ml(£10.99) cleans, restores and shines car paintwork in one easy application. The special blend of polymers, pigmented resin and wax effortlessly removes surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches. It is suitable for all car paint finishes including metallic and pearlescent.

Autoglym Instant Show Shine 450ml (£8.99) is a versatile spray polish which cleans and shines a multitude of surfaces including paintwork, plastics, rubber, leather, glass and acrylics. It removes light soiling, fingerprints, dust and traffic film to impart either a shine or a natural finish according to surface finish. After washing and drying the car simply spray and wipe to leave a smear free gleaming car!

Carplan Triplewax Original Car Wax 500ml(£8.49) has a unique formula to give an easy shine to your car. It protects the paintwork from weather conditions and road grime. It is suitable for all vehicle paint finishes, including metallics and pearlescent.

Turtle Wax Colour Magic 500ml with Chip Stick (£8.99) brings colour back to its original shine removing tiny scratches.  The wax polish is quick and easy to use, it gently removes ingrained dirt and grime, masks minor scratches and swirl marks and enhances the colour of your vehicle’s paintwork.  Colour Magic Polish gives long lasting wax protection and outstanding shine.  Turtle Wax Chipstick masks and protects bodywork from deep scratches and stone chips, resisting up to 25 washes.  Colour Magic Wax Polish and Chipstick are suitable for use on all paint finishes, including metallics and clear coats.

Turtle Wax ‘Wax It Wet’ 500ml  (£5.49) gives a turtle wax protection and shine in minutes.  It can waxes up to 15 cars and is suitable for all paint finishes, including metallic and clear coats. It makes drying the car much easier. It prevents water marks and leaves a nice shiny finish.


Some handy Car Paint & Body Repair products

Autocare Easy Sand Car Filler 250ml (£4.99) repairs dents & scratches.Car Paint and body Repair It is suitable for all metals including galvanized steel. It is good to make your car ready for painting.

Autocare Thread Lock & Sealer 6ml (£1.79) prevents bolts, nuts and screws working loose. It seals against moisture stopping corrosion and seizing. It is fast acting and can be removed easily with normal hand tools.

Carplan Exhaust Repair Bandage (£2.59) is a complete solution for repairing large holes, cracks & splits on all car exhausts. The range is quick & easy to use with no need to dismantle the exhaust, leaving a permanent gas tight repair.

Evo-Stick Multi Purpose Instant Contact Adhesive 250ml (£7.99) is a one part contact adhesive ideal for numerous jobs in the workshop. It provides a high strength strong bond on contact without the need for special support, jigs, clamps or weights. It is good to bond most materials including metals.

Waxoyl Original Rustproofing Clear 400ml (£9.99) has a unique formula that solves the problem of hidden rust once and for all. It is a thick waxy liquid, saturated with a very powerful rust killer. It chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin that wont crack, dry or wash off in the rain.

Fuel and Oil Additives for your Car

Nitrox Petrol Boost 300ml (£2.99) is suitable for use in petrol engine Fuel and oil additives for your carvehicles with or without a catalytic converter. It treats approximately 50 litres of petrol and improves octane level by up to 2 numbers (20 points). You see restored power & performance in your car.

STP Diesel Treatment 250ml (£5.99) is specially formulated to remove varnish, carbon deposits and water from diesel fuel systems. It helps to prevent poor performance, corrosion and fuel wastage and contains a Cetane improver to enhance cold start performance.

STP Fuel Injector Cleaner 250ml (£4.99) is a high strength, super concentrated cleaner specially formulated to remove deposits from all fuel injection systems. It clears clogged injectors, quickly dissolving deposits to improve performance.

Stp Power Booster 250ml (£5.99) increases the octane rating while helping to restore peak engine performance.

Gumout Diesel Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner (£2.99) is designed to clean up diesel fuel injectors in large tank vehicles (up to 35 gallons) in just one tankful. This product also stabilizes fuel, preventing gum and varnish formation for easier starts. 

Car interior cleaners at Concord Extra

Keeping your car interior in a good condition is a challenging task. The interior of your car easily gets dirty because of kids, spills, pets and Car Interiorfood. Paying somebody else to do it is not a cheap option. However, we have some tools for you to keep your car interior clean in a cheap way.

151 Car Pride Window Care Kit (99p) includes sponge, synthetic duster and yellow duster. This is all you need to keep your window clean.

Autocare Car Dash Shine 400ml (£3.29) guards against fading and cracking. It is also suitable for the exterior of your car. You can use it on venyl, rubber or plastic. It comes in Vanilla and Forest Fir.

Carplan Flash Dash Wipes 15 Extra Large Wipes (£2.69) is an excellent product that fits in a glove box which allows you to always have it to hand. It can clean your car dash while you are stuck in traffic or stopped at traffic lights. The dust and dirt sticks to it so you can dispose it easily without any mess! It can be used on PVC, plastic trim and leather.

Turtlewax Extreme Cockpit & Bumper Clean & Shine 500ml (£5.09) prevents your car interior fading, drying and cracking. The spray bottle is easy to apply and cleans instantly with a long lasting shine.

Turtle Wax Fresh Shine 400ml (£3.09) shines with an intense refreshing fragrance of fresh glacial blast with a hint of mint and burst of berries. It even lays down anti-static silicone shield which repels dust & dirt. It has got a specially designed formula for a modern soft touch dashboard.


Air fresheners for your car

Everybody would like their car to smell clean and fresh all the time. Air Car Air Freshenerfresheners are common accessories for the car. They keep the interior of the car fresh and refreshing and they bring fresh scent inside the car.

The Auto Expressions cool foot car air freshener (£1.49) hangs from your car’s interior mirror brightens and freshens your car with a fragrance of your choice; vanilla, outdoor breeze, wild berries or fresh cherry.

Pongo Star Gel Car Air Freshener Blossom (£1.19) cheers up the interior of your vehicle! The new Gel star design lasts even longer and looks great!
Holts Fruits of the Forest Air Freshener (£2.49) is made from natural wood, taken from managed woodlands. It releases fragrance slowly and lasts for four weeks. These are available in Strawberry, Orange Zest and Vanilla Oak.

Ambi Pur Pacific Air Freshener Refill (£1.99) add a fresh light breeze scent to your car. These are better quality air fresheners and lasts up to 60 days. You might want to alternate the fragrance between pacific and vanilla.

Among these, which one is your favourite?

Discounted Dickies Workwear

The Dickies brand is synonymous with workwear. Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies workwear has stood for the quality and toughness. Here at Concord Extra we have got Trousers, Safety Shirt, Safety Boot, Montana Shirt, Knee Pads, Hoodie.Dickies

Dickies Red hawk Action Trousers (£15.99) are

Dickiesextremely popular with the high quality. They arelightweight and extremely comfortable, with zipped pockets to secure your loose items. Theser are ideal for Electricians, Joiners, Plumbers, Carpet Fitters , Builders, Tilers, Dry-Liners , Plasterers , Factory Workers. You have got choice of Black and Navy.


Dickies Fury Super Safety Hiker (£29.99) boot is comfortable, leather safety hikers. It has cambrelle lining for wearer comfort, shock absorber in the heel. This fury boot is available in two shades of black sizes 6 to 12.

These really are a super pair of steel toe cap antistatic boots for the person who is on there feet for long periods of the working day. It meets EN345 safety standard and are available in black size 6-12.

Dickies Padded Montana Shirt (£14.99) is manufactured from 100% padded cotton yarn for comfort and warmth. It has got   button front, Padded Cotton Check Shirt, Two Patch Pockets With Button Down Flap, Two Side Pockets, Shoulder And Elbow Patches and Adjustable Button Cuffs. They are available in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. These are currentlDickiesy top sellers.Dickies

Dickies Super Safety Lined Rigger (£34.99) boots are a must have for the winter. It is easy to pull, lightweight, triple-stitched for durability and synthetic fur lining provides warmth and comfort in any cold climate.

An essential part of Dickies is stylish fleece will help you keep warm and dry anytime of the year. It has got plenty of zipped pockets to keep your phone, wallet and must haves in.  They are available in Blue & Green and sizes Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

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