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Concord Extra Facebook Competition Winners

Photo: We have Winners ! ≧◉◡◉≦Enter New Competition Here-->

If you would like to participate in Concord Extra Facebook Competitions please visit our Facebook Page 

Concord Extra Facebook Competition Winners

Photo: We have Winners ! ≧◉◡◉≦Enter New Competition Here-->

If you would like to participate in Concord Extra Facebook Competitions please visit our Facebook Page 

David Beckham Duo Gift Set Competition Winners

Facebook Competition Winners

If you would like to participate in Concord Extra Facebook Competitions please visit our Facebook Page 

Win Piz Buin Triple Pack – Concord Extra Facebook Competition

Enter Here ->Win Piz Buin Triple Pack 

Pack includes:

– 1 Day Long Lotion SPF15 Medium 100ml
– After Sun Tan Intensifier Lotion 200ml
– 1 Day Long Lotion SPF30 High 100ml


Win Gift Pack for your Dog

Enter Here ->Win Gift Pack for your Dog


Win Dog Gift Pack

Competition Ends 14th April 2013.
The Gift pack includes
  1. Winalot Shapes For Your Adult Dog 800gWinalot Shapes® are wholesome biscuits that help give your dog the bounce he needs to go out and enjoy family life.  A complementary pet food for adult dogs.
  2. Misfits Nasher Chicken And Beef Stick 175g  Dogs will love to gnash away at these Nasher Sticks. They’re low in fat and they’ll help keep your dog’s teeth nice and clean by helping to reduce plaque and tartar. Contains no to artificial colours or flavour.
  3. Trevs Toys Tug N PullYour dog will love this, hours of fun
  4. Sil Pet Store Plastic Balls 4 Pack4 colourful plastic balls

Win Johnson’s 6 Piece Baby Gift Box

Win Johnson’s 6 Piece Baby Gift Box

Win Playboy Malibu EDT – Concord Extra Facebook Competition


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malibu copy

Win Veet Gift Set – Concord Extra Facebook Competition

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Concord Extra Facebook Competition Winners

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Win Treat for your Dog – Facebook Competition

“Click HERE to Enter”

treat for your dog copy

My Best Holiday Competition – Winner

My Best Holiday


Here’s a “My Best Holidays” collection from your entries !

Concord Extra Survey proves Dogs as man’s best friend

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend as long as anyone can remember. Is there any truth in this old adage? Do modern families consider dogs as family? Concord Extra took a short survey (April, 2012) through Facebook and received 264 responses.

  • 99.6% said they consider dog as a part of family
  • 95.5% said they talk to their dog as if he/she was human
  • 78.8% said they include their dog in family holidays

Here are some interesting responses in “Photobook” why respondents consider a dog as their best friend.

Clearly this shows nation’s love for dogs is stronger whether is it due to companionship needs, security or just simply for more family fun.

HDMX Speaker On the Go for IPod: Where would you go ?

 HDMX Speaker On The Go for IPod (£4.99) is a portable speaker case  specially designed to protect and play your iPod and other MP3 players. An integrated smart clip sets your hands free. It is battery-operated, so there’s nothing to tie you down.

Concord Extra carried out a Facebook competition asking “Where would  you go with this speaker?” and here’s the answer cloud!

Where would you go with HDMX speaker on the go

Touch Of Silver Competition


Of Silver 
Ends Sunday, 24th August 2012

Who do you think deserves this Gift Set and Why ?


I deserve this gift set…rotten weather, rotten health problems and a need for a little pampering!!!
My daughter Laura so that she can look presentable
for a change
My little sister who’s recently pregnant
My best friend Sue as she supported me through a year of chemotherapy
my mum because she’s awesome :)
my mum pat she is 64 and still helping my sister to look after her kids and if you knew my sister you would know how much work it takes lol
My friend he has just come out of hospital and could not take care of himself, he needs some luxury to get back his spirit.
My wife because she says so
My dear mum would love this. Bless her I’ve been going through some hard times lately and she has been great always helping me out.
my hair hasnt been right since i had hair extensions 5 years ago no matter what i try it stays the same would love to be able to give your product a try :)
my daughter because she could do with some pampering she is 6 months pregnant
My dad, he’s an amazing man and his Birthday is on 1st September. Would love to win this for him.
I do! I turned 40 at the weekend and need to embrace my own touches of silver instead of keep attempting to conceal it with dye!
My blonde hair needs bringing back to life, so I can be glamorous once again! :)
My friend Gladys would really appreciate this gift set – she is helping her husband during his gruelling chemotherapy whilst working and keeping their farm going. I would love to cheer her up with a little gift.
My 76yrs old handsome hubby as he lovely white hair and he looks after me well.
love to give it to my mum since just lost dad
to be honest, I do! I’m laid up with a trapped sciatic nerve (sooo painful) and I need a treat! :)