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Fladen Two Piece Floatation Suit

Fladen Two Piece Floatation Suit (£99.99) is an excellent quality suit from Fladen of Sweden. This is the lightest suit complying with new safety and buoyancy regulations ( EN 393-Certified )

If you have watched the BBC series TRAWLERMEN, you already know  that Fladen flotation suits are the choice of the professional. The programmes followed the daily lives of deep sea trawlermen in all weathers and nearly every flotation suit worn was FLADEN. When seasoned pros put their lives and trust in Fladen suits above all others it tells you more than any advert can.



  • Colours Available: Blue/Yellow
  • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Manufactured from top-quality 210 denier nylon
  • Fleece-lined hood, collar & pockets
  • Solas reflective tape on chest, cuffs & hood
  • Tough zip with storm flap
  • Neoprene wrist & ankle seals
  • Stitched in belt

Boyz Toys Gone Fishing Products

BOYZ TOYS FISHING LINE 100M (VARIOUS WEIGHTS) Boyz Toys Fishing Line  100m (£1.00)

  • 35lb, 15lb & 7lb
  • Reliable smooth casting
  • Thin lightweight design                                          


 BOYZ TOYS GONE FISHING REEL  Boyz Toys Gone Fishing Reel (£1.29) 

  • Fishing reel with line lay oscillation and power drive gear system.
  •  Wound with 20 m of 7lb fishing line
  • Gear Ratio 3.3:1.



  •  Ideal for most kinds of fishing.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Telescopic. 


 BOYZ TOYS FLOAT SET 15 PIECE   Boyz Toys Float Set 15 Piece (£1.00)

  • Complete with 50pc’s (approx) attachment rubbers
  • Assorted sizes for most types of angling
 BOYZ TOYS FISHING FLIES 8 PACK  Boyz Toys Fishing Flies 8 Pack  (£1.00) 

  • Selection Of The Best Fishing Flies Available
  • Highly Effective


  • 20 Assorted barbless
  • 40cm, 3 lb line.
  • Looping system ties straight to line
  • Ideal for catching most kinds of predator fish
  • No bait required
  • Includes 1 Metallic Giant Fish Spinner


Fladen Outdoor Neoprene Boots £21.99


Fladen Outdoor Neoprene Boots are superb quality boots available at reasonable price (£21.99). These Boots are ideal for sport fishing or commercial use.

The neoprene boots are superb for wintertime conditions, whether you’re a coarse angler who needs to keep their feet warm on the bank, or if you’re a game angler used to standing for long periods in a freezing cold river. The boot soles have a heavy tread for dealing with the rocks and kelp.

Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box

Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box

Why is it important to have sea fishing tackle box for your fishing trips? It keeps all your equipments in one place making it easier for you to find things when you need them.

Fladen Loaded Sea Fishing Box (£19.99) is designed with a tough flexy box with a holding handle for easy transportation; this comes with a variety of pieces to ensure you have everything you need.

The set includes

  • 2 pirks
  • 1 Lure
  • 4 Rigs
  • 4 Shads
  • Safety Snaps
  • Hooks

It is not just hooks, baits and lures you need? Perhaps you should consider following things:

1. A utility knife: There are many uses for a knife in your fishing trip. You can use it to cut lines, to clean your catch, slice up bait or open food cans.

2. A sharpening stone: It is handy to have a good sharpening stone. You would always want to work with sharp knife and if you need to sharp fishing hooks it is always there.

3. Long-nosed pliers: A pair of pliers is always versatile on a fishing trip.  It can cut wires and pry hooks out of fish’s mouth.

4. Sunscreen. This is a must have on your fishing trip. It is likely that you would be out in the sun for most of your day. You should protect your skin from UV exposure with sunscreen.

5. Travel first aid kit: A first aid is always handy for minor injuries. It should contain some plasters, alcohol free wipes, pads and dressing.

Fladen Vantage Travel Fly Rods, 3 Sections

Fladen Vantage Travel Fly Rods, 3 Sections

Fladen Vantage Travel Fly Rods, 3 Sections

Designed with the travelling fly angler in mind, the vantage Travel Fly Rods are made to the highest specification. Very light and responsive thanks to the IM6 graphite blank they feel and cast like conventional rods. The additional sections are un-noticeable and do not affect the rod performance in any way. The rods are finished to a superb standard and feature SIC tip and butt rings with snake guide intermediates.

– Cork handle 
– IM6 graphite blank 
– Metal/composite reel seat 
– 3 Sections 
– Dimension: 10FT (L)

Quality Abu Garcia Sea Fishing Rods

Quality Abu Garcia Sea Fishing Rods Cardiff

Abu Garcia Devil 802M 10/30 Spinning Rod – 8ft (£24.99)

Never before has quality been available at such an affordable price but Abu Garcia’s Devil range has made this possible. These two piece spinning models start with an ultra light 5ft 6in perfectly suited to flicking out mini lures in the 2-10g range and a 9ft medium/heavy version sits at the upper end of the range which handles larger lures in the 20-60g range with strength to spare. 

  • Carbon Composite blank,
  • light and resilient
  • TS quality guides for braided line use
  • Corkhandle
  • Excellent value for money


Abu Garcia GT Boat & Uptide Rod -GT 602 +30lbs Boat-6ft (£19.99)

The Abu Garcia GT602 is a good all round boat rod offering both strength & durability and with a rating of 30+ is the perfect rod for both bottom and wreck fishing.

Another great feature of this rod is that it breaks down into two equal sections making it both easy to store and transport. It can be used with both mono and braid due to the high quality SIC rings. It has quality reel seat with duplon grips for comfort. 

  • Fibreglass Blank Construction
  • TS Guides quality
  • EVA handle with fighting grip

Fladen Chest Waders, Thigh Waders and Wellington boots

Fladen Chest Waders, Thigh Waders and Wellington boots


Fladen Thigh & Chest Waders are high quality nylon waders that won’t let you down. These waders slid on easily. They are light and can be easily folded when not in use. These come with a spare patch of material and a tube of glue so that you can repair easily when punctured.  Fladen Chest Waders are £32.99 and Thigh Waders are £19.99
Fladen Tie Top Wellington Boots  (£16.99) are excellent value general purpose fishing boots from Fladen. These have a soft cotton lined body for comfort with reinforced toe and heel sections. They have got a sure grip rubber sole to provide you extra protection.

Abu Garcia reels in stock NOW

We now have top quality Abu Garcia reels in stock. Here’s one review on Abu Garcia quality:

“I lean towards tried and true brand names, being that they are corroborated through much study and advancement. Just leave the field testing to me! I’m inclined to prefer Abu Garcia products because of this, and also because they have products which are the best amalgamation of cost and functionality. Since I don’t have unlimited funds to spend on my avocation, I like to know that what I do buy will perform well.”

–         Matthew Kempster

Abu Cardinal C104i Rear Drag Fixed Spool Reel(£34.99): The Cardinal 100i Front Drag reels where upgraded for 2010. There are also 40 size dedicated front drag and rear drag match versions available. For 2011 we have re-developed the rear drag versions with a new modern design utilising both Slow and Stealth Oscillation. Some of its features are:ABU CARDINAL C104i REAR DRAG FIXED SPOOL REEL + FREE SPOOL

  • 6 Bearings
  • Spare Polymeric Spool
  • Instant Anti Reverse
  • Everlast Bail System
  • Stealth Oscillation
  • Slow Oscillation

Abu Cardinal C304i Rear Drag Fixed Spool Reel  (£49.99) : The Cardinal 300i Front Drag reels where upgraded for 2010. They are now the most complete series in theAbuRange, with three front drag plus three rear drag models. A 40 size dedicated front drag match version is also available. For 2011 we have Re-developed the Rear Drag versions with a new modern design utilising both Slow and Stealth Oscillation. Some of its features are:

  • 6 Bearings
  • Spare aluminium deep spool on Front Drag versionABU CARDINAL C304i REAR DRAG FIXED SPOOL REEL + FREE SPOOL
  • Spare Polymeric spool on Rear Drag version
  • Instant Anti-Reverse
  • Everlast Bail System
  • Stealth Oscillation
  • Slow Oscillation (RD only)
  • Match Version (2 x shallow +1 x deep aluminium spare spools + reel case)


Abu Ambassadeur 6500cs Rocket Chrome Reel (£139.99) is the famously free spinning centrifu­gally braked distance reel for the true purist. The Rocket has no magnetic brake, so the spool just keeps on going and going. The Chrome Rocket can hit almost 300 yards – if you can handle the speed! Level wind version of the CT Chrome Rocket. Its features are –

  • Level wind mechanism.
  • 3 stainless steel bearings
  • Single counter balanced handle.
  • Precision brass gears.
  • Weight: 370gms.
  • Gear ratio: 5.3:1.
  • Line capacity: 200m/0.40mm.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven Multiplier Reel(£79.99) reel has become a firm favourite with trolling and boat anglers due to it’s simplicity, robustness and easy functional usage. Features include easy wind power handle, level wind for compact line lay and star drag for easy appliance of the efficient drag ABU GARCIA AMBASSADEUR SEVEN MULTIPLIER REELsystem. Its features are –

  • Easy Wind Power Handle
  • Level Wind for compact line lay
  • Star drag system

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500CT Multiplier Reel is the updated version of the world famous Mag Elite, with a hi-speed retrieve ratio. It is a pleasant, efficient reel that continues the theme of ruggedness, capacity, easy handling and versatility. Its features are –

  • Carbon matrix drag system for optimal durability and performanceABU GARCIA AMBASSADEUR 6500CT MAG MULTIPLIER REEL
  • 2 HPCR bearings in the spool
  • Corrosion resistant IAR bearing
  • Line out alarm
  • Magtrax brake system
  • Open top CT frame
  • Dual stopper

Shakespeare Reels are now in stock

Shakespeare is a top quality fishing brand with over 108 years of history. It has got a reputation for producing great value, high quality equipment that sets the benchmark, helping anglers and lover’s of the outdoor realise their dreams and have fun. These top quality reels are now in our store.

Shakespeare Zeta Rear Drag RD35 Fixed Spool (£8.99) is an exceptional value for money fixed spool reel. This reel comes ready spooled with monofilament. We also have this reel in RD 50 for £9.99. Some of  its features are:

  • Ball bearing
  • Spooled with mono
  • Lightweight graphite body
  • Counter balance handle
  • Rear drag

Shakespeare Tidewater 50 Front Drag Fixed Spool Reel (£27.99) is proving to be a big hit with sea anglers. This new range of salt resistant front drag reels offer an excellent specification package including a machine anodised spool and corrosion-resistant reinforced graphite body. We also have this reel in FD 60 for £28.99. Some of its features are:


  •  Corrosion Resistant
  • Titanium Oversized Line Roller
  • Ambidextrous Fold Down Power Handle
  • Bearings 4+1
  • Ratio 5.2:1
  • Capacity 185m

Shakespeare FDX Surf Fixed Spool Reel(£49.99) incorporates a top specification including six ball bearings, machine cast spools and highly corrosion resistant body and rotor. This reel has an ultra-smooth retrieveSHAKESPEARE FDX SURF FIXED SPOOL REEL WITH GRAPHITE SPARE SPOOL coupled with tremendous power – so important when playing large fish. Some of its features are:

  • Front Drag
  • Corrision Resistant
  • Ambidextrous fold down, machine cut, power handle
  • 6 Ball Bearings
  • Double dog anti reverse system
  • Machined and Anodised long cast aluminium spools
  • Titanium oversized line roller
  • Supplied with Spare Graphite Spool

SHAKESPEARE MACH 2 XT FIXED SPOOL + FREE SPOOLShakespeare Mach 2 XT Fixed Spool (£39.99) is a smooth sealed carbon fibre drag system supplied with single and double graphite handles. Some of its features are:

  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
  • Large diameter titanium ball bearing line roller
  • Smooth rear drag system with Teflon washer
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel main shaft and components

Shakespeare Alpha X 30RD Fixed Spool Reel + Free Spool (£22.99) are entry-level reels come in a range of sizes to cover all jobs. The three ball bearing Alpha X RD has an aluminium spool and comes with a graphite spare spool in float.


Fladen Charter Beach 360cm 12ft Rod & Reel Deal

Fladen Charter Beach 360cm 12ft Rod & Reel Deal

Fladen Charter Beach 360cm (£19.99) is simply a superb rod aimed at beginners or occasional sea anglers. The Charter retain all the qualities needed to be effective off the shoreline. Sure grip reel seat, ceramic guides and a high vis tip are all features of the rods which are available in both black and pink for the more flamboyant angler!

The set comes with smooth, rugged 1 ball bearing, front drag Charter Surf Blue Spinning Reel. It has a blue graphite body with Aluminium Spool GEAR RATIO 4.1:1and LINE CAPACITY 20lb / 245yds.

This is a stunning value for money!

Sonik Carp and Spinning Rods

The SK3 Carp Rods 12ft  (£79.99) have powerful casting actions that are easy to compress and will therefore adapt to a wide variety of casting SONIK SK3 Carp Rod 12ftstyles. Manufactured from the finest Japanese Toray carbon fibres, the advanced tapers produce rapid ‘dampening’ properties to ensure long, accurate casts time after time. Having achieved over 200 yards in testing with a standard off the ground cast, they are superb, all round big pit rod that are also equally at home when playing fish in the margins, thanks to the forgiving tip.

The SK3 carp rods are hard to beat with these features:

  • Smooth, matt grey carbon blanks with powerful casting actions.
  • Slim, contoured full Duplon handles for extra comfort and grip when playing fish.
  • Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
  • Custom SONIK graphite ‘Soft touch’ reel seat with gun smoke aluminium collars at each end.
  • Smooth Carbon Line Clip.
  • Lightweight SIC Guides – 40mm butt and 30mm rings are double legged, remainder single leg for reduced weight and improved response to the tip section.
  • Black whippings with best quality low build varnish finish.
  • Supplied in quality cloth bag.
  • Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

SK3 Spinning Rods (£39.99) are a new range of three- piece spinning rods that offer tremendous performance and specification for the price. SONIK SK3 Spinning Rod 8 ft 10-20gWith lively tip actions that translate to plenty of power in the middle and butt, they are an excellent choice for plugs, spoons and other lures targeting predators, trout or salmon plus bass and Pollack. With a full cork handle and a screw winch hooded reel seat for secure fixing of the reel, the single leg, lined rings are suitable for use with monofilament or braid.

Its features are:

  • High quality, three-piece carbon fibre blanks.
  • Lively middle to tip actions with extra power reserve in the butt.
  • Full cork handle.
  • Screw winch reel seat.
  • Fully lined, single-leg guides.

SONIK SK4 Spinning Rods (£79.99) won best in test – Trout & Salmon Magazine. These rods are conceived and designed to redefine the SONIK SK4 Spinning Rod 8ft 10-20gconventional concept of a spinning rod. Lighter in weight, more sensitive in use, with a feel and balance that makes casting and working a lure so much more enjoyable than the traditional ‘dead’ feel of a standard spinning rod.

Here are some of the features that make it different from the rest.

Balance – balancing a fishing rod in general is not a difficult thing to do. Yet it seems most rod manufacturers do not bother doing it enough, to our surprise. Balancing is mainly achieved by correct distribution of advanced carbon fibre materials to generate a ‘weightless’ feel in the hand. This balance, coupled with the general lightness of the rod allows you greater control, and the feeling that the rod is a lot shorter and lighter than it actually is. This unique quality allows you to incorporate ‘wrist action’ when casting and working your lure, which results in better control and requires less effort.

Sensitivity – spinning is often a blind person’s game. The only communication with fish or their environment is through what you feel in your hand(s). What you feel in your hands is a vibration in the tip section of the rod which translates down the blank to your hand. Sonik SK4 spinning rods have ultra sensitive tips which transmit every twist and turn of the lure and feel even the most subtle of takes. This translates into more hook ups and increases the sheer enjoyment of this type of fishing beyond all recognition.

Blank action and taper – this is the key to more enjoyment when spinning for your quarry. The advanced ‘Multiplex Hi-Torque’ carbon fibre materials used in the manufacture of our blanks, together with unique taper profiles employed greatly increase the capabilities of each rod. When you want two opposing characteristics from a single blank you need to think carefully about the choice of materials and how they are applied to the taper of the mandrel used to make the blank. With conventional spinning rods, if you want to cast a lightweight lure, you are stuck with a ‘wimpy’ rod which will not give you any control over the bait or fish. On the other hand, many rods designed to cast larger baits end up feeling like rigid sticks that are heavy, insensitive and lifeless when it comes to working the lure or playing fish.

The incredible sensitivity in the tip section of Sonik SK4 Spinning rods is combined with tremendous power in the butt section so that you can hook, play and land your fish with ease, always feeling that you are in control of the fish rather than the other way round!

Ergonomic design – information on how your lure is working in the water is transmitted through the handle of the rod direct to your hand. For this reason, Sonik SK4 Spinning rods feature comfortable Duplon grips that are contoured to fit into your hand for maximum comfort and feel. It’s not all about the number of fish you catch, but about the quality of your fishing experience. Sonik rods are designed to elevate your enjoyment so that you gain the most out of your sport and make each trip memorable.

Fit and Finish – whilst the fish don’t care, the look of a rod is important to the joy of ownership. SK4 spinning rods combine beauty with practicality, form with function. Understated and yet unique in appearance, each component has been carefully chosen to provide a stunning finished product that will appeal to anglers across the globe.

Fladen Wilderness Boxed Set -a great value Fishing Kit

Fladen Wilderness Boxed Set (£23.99) is a great value Fishing Kit, which includes everything you need to get started – and all housed in a decent quality tackle box which is nice and small for travelling (size:23″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″).

This box set includes: Rear Drag Spinning Reel, Cobra with ballbearing pre-spooled with 0.25m line, Telescopic Rod 210cm with ceramic Guides, Plugbait Conrad 13cm, Two Spoons 15 and 18g, Spinner Sonic 7g, Soft Bait 6g, Float Kit, Two tray box with Carry Handle and Handbook of Good fishing.



Fladen Fish Finder Deluxe

The Fladen Fish Finder Deluxe (£49.99) measures in meters. It shows the location of the fish on a 10 grade scale of actual depth when fish are beneath the boat. The finder includes 25ft of cable and float for use when seashore or riverbank fishing. It has the capability to find fish even through ice.

Did you know the fish finder started off as a submarine finder?

Fladen Fish Finder

Sea Fishing for Beginners Part 3: Terms

Aberdeen: a hook shape characterized by a round bend and a wide gap

Anti-Reverse Lock: the mechanism on a reel that prevents the crank handle from turning backwards

Backing: Line used underneath the mainline to fill the spool

Bait: Get fresh bait and experiment to find what works best

Bait-holding hook: Hooks with small barbs on the shank of the hook to hold bait

Bait Needle: long metal needle to help thread your bait on the hook

Beads: Used as stops on rigs

Bite: The action of a fish taking the bait

Blank: A bare rod, before guides and other accessories have been attached

Black:  Lugworm

Boom: A ridged plastic or metal bar from which the hook is attached to keep the hook clear of the trace

Braid: As opposed to mono, a woven line with little or no stretch

Break-off:  Line breakage while casting, also crack-off

Breaking Strain: Maximum load or weight that a line, swivel, or other piece of tackle can sustain without breaking

Budgie bells: Small bells which clip onto the rod tip, giving an audible signal when the rod tip is moved, also now comes with a small light for night fishing

Butt: The rear portion of a rod ie lower end of a rod

Chum: Small pieces of chopped fish fed into the water as an attractor

Clutch: The braking system on a reel also known as the Drag

Coasters: A device for holding a reel in place on a rod that can be tightened by hand

Cocktail: The mixing of 2 or more baits, ie lug and squid

Crack off: Line snapping when casting

Crank: Another word for a reel’s handle

Crimp: A metal ferrule crushed onto a line with a special tool or pliers

Dead Baiting: Using a dead fish as bait

Drag: The braking system on a reel also known as the Drag

Eyes: the rings on a rod

Fathom: As marked on charts to express 6 feet = 1 fathom

Feathering: The art of catching fish mainly Pollock, cod and mackerel on feather decoratedhooks several attached to the main trace

Fight: The duel between fish and angler

Flapper: Usually a mackerel with the backbone removed and used as bait for larger fish

Flats or Flatties: A term used to describe plaice, flounders, dab etcetera as opposed to round fish

Flounder Spoon: A spoon shaped lure used as an attractor for flat fish

Foul Hooked: A term to describe a fish caught with the hook in the body or head without it taking the bait

Free lining: Using just a hook with bait, allowing the current to take the bait

Free-Spool: A system disengaging the spool from the gearing on a multiplier

Gaff: A large hook with a sharp point used to haul fish on board a boat

Gimbal: A slotted device in the bottom of a rod butt to sit in a butt pad so as to stop the rod turning when fighting a large fish

Gripper lead: A lead with wires to assist the lead to grip the seabed

Ground: Term used to describe the sea-bed ie rough, clean smooth etc

Hand-balling: The action of lifting a fish up a steep wall or pier manually by hand

Hold, Holding: Used to describe whether the lead is remaining in position

Jig/jiggers: A heavy metal lure sometimes decorated with feathers and used in an up and down motion to entice the fish to attack by imparting movement

Kelp: Rubbery sea weed that is plentiful in rocky locations

Knock: The rod tip moving due to a fish taking the bait

Lask: A thick slice of flesh cut from a dead fish, usually from head to tail

Lead: A moulded piece of lead used to sink the trace to the seabed

Leader Knot: A knot for joining shock leader to mainline

Leger: To fish a static bait on the seabed

Line capacity: The amount of line a reel will hold

Link: An accessory used to join various items of tackle together or lines

Link swivel: A useful swivel for quick attachment of traces etc

Lip-hooked: Hooking a fish by the lip or a method of hooking live or dead-bait

Lug: Lugworm

Mark: A location at sea where there is good fishing to be had

Memory: Quality line which enables it to stretch then return to its original position

Muppet: A squid-like plastic lure, used to decorate hooks

OTG: Short for of the ground casting, where the lead is to the rear on the ground before casting

Overrun: Line that comes off a spool to fast and causes a birds nest

Paternoster: Method of fishing several hooks on short links at right angles to the mainline

Pirk: A heavy metal or plastic lure fished up and down from a boat, hence pirking

Play: Similar to fight to battle with a hooked fish

Pump: The action of lifting a fish by raising the rod and then lowering it whilst reeling in quickly

Rag: Rag worm

Recovery rate: The amount of line rewound on a spool for one turn of the handle

Reducer: Extension of rod butt, used when winding in

Rig: Name for terminal tackle

Rings: Fitted on a rod that the line passes through

Roller: Fitted on a fixed spool reel in the bale arm to reduce friction or fitted to the tip of a boatrod with the same objective

Rotten bottom: A weak link from your trace to your sinker. Prevents or reduces tackle loss

Rubby Dubby: Fish offal etc placed in an onion sack, anchored to the sea bed so as to atract the fish

Run: The action of a hooked fish swimming away from the angler, also the movement of fish migrating

Sand spike: A spike used to hold the rod when beach casting

Set: The action of sinking a hook into the fishes mouth

Shank: The hook body length from the eye of the hook to the bend

Shock Leader: length of line of greater breaking strain than the mainline designed to take the pressure of casting

Sinker: Lead weight

Sink and draw: The action of lifting and lowering a lure of bait

Snap off: The action of a line breaking normally due to wear or not using a shock leader of the correct breaking strain

Snagged: Being fastened up in an underwater obstacle

Snood: A length of line from your main line to the hook on a trace

Star drag: The wheel like a ships wheel used to adjust the drag on a reel

Take: The action of a fish grabbing a bait or lure

Terminal tackle: End gear/Rig

Test Curve: The pressure required to bend the Rod

Thumb: The action of slowing or stopping a multiplier reel when casting or playing a fish

Trace: See rig

Treble: 3 hooks points combined into 1 hook

Sea Fishing for Beginners Part 2: How to Detect a Bite

How to detect a bite

There are lots of factors that can effect your bite detection when you are sea fishing.   They can all effect one another to mislead you about what is happening under the water. The 3 ways of detecting a bite are:

  1. Rod Movenment
  2. Line Movement
  3. Indicator Movement ie floats


Detecting the bite

The basic key to Detecting the Bite is Practice.

> Watching the rod, line or indicator for any movement, which is not being effected by the sea or wind.

> Looking for any movement or jerking on the rod tip or line, a bobbing on a float or even a rattle.

> Holding the fishing line and rod is best and it will help you focus and allow you to feel the rhythms that are going on under the sea.

Sea Fishing for Beginners Part 1: The Essentials

Starting out in Sea Fishing?

We have put together the Basics you will require to start on your new hobby.  As you progress, you will be able to purchase products which are more specific to your needs.

Right lets start:

Fishing Reel

A mid sized fixed spool reel will be easier to cast than a multiplier. It will cope with the different fishing areas.


– Size 70 Reel

– Ideal for Shore Casting and Beach Fishing

FLADEN CHARTER 421 240YD REEL only £8.99

Great Quality Reel with Front Drag, Balanced Handle, Left or Right Retrieve and comes pre-spooled with Line

FL11-420701 Blue Reel

View all Reels >>>

Fishing Rod

A flexible Rod which does not snap back, with a gradual curve to the tip is a good option. We would suggest that the length of the Rod for beginners should be 10 to 12 ft.   Your casting weight needs to be considered, what distance are you going to fish at? A lighter casting weight is suitable for pier fishing, whilst a heavier weight would be more suitable for longer distances.  A casting weight of 1- 3ozs is considered light, 3 – 6ozs is moderate and 4 – 8ozs being heavy.

Our stock of Fladen Xtra Flexx Rods are due in soon, but we have plenty of other choice to choose from >

FLADEN Surf Chieftan 12ft Rod > £15.99

FLADEN Charter Beachaster 4.2m Rod > £19.99

FLADEN Charter Beachcaster 3.6m Rod > £18.99

View All Rods >>>


Rod and Reel Deals

A great Starter Rod and Reel set from FLADEN for only £19.99

FLADEN Charter Beach 3.6M 12FT Rod and Reel Set only £19.99

Charter Beach Rod: 360CM 12 Feet with composite blank, ceramic guides and foam handle, 100-250g / 3 1/2 – 9oz

The Fladen Charter Surf Blue Spinning Reel has a big spool capacity, making it ideal for shore casting and boat fishing. With 1 ball bearing, balanced handle and front drag, line capacity:335m 0.4mm with gear ratio: 4.1:1

FL12K-06360 Rod and Reel Set

Also available:

Fladen Charter 3Pce Beachcaster 4.2M 100-150G and Reel Set > £24.99

Fladen Beach Combo Charter Reel and Cheiftan Surf 3.6m Rod > £29.99

View All Rod and Reel Sets >>>


Fishing Lines


A SHOCK LEADER WITH VERY LOW MEMORY, HIGH STRENGTH AND ABRASION RESISTANCE. Comes in Yellow or Orange and with a 50lb breaking strain.


Tackle: Rigs and Weights

Our Fishing Rigs from Gotcha are all £1 each.

When you have decided where you are going to fish, make your choice from our selection of Rigs



View All Rigs >>>


Our Starter Set from Fladen > Take a Look, everything to get you started:


This set includes line, hooks, swivels, pirks, feathers, jigging sets, wobblers, snaps, latex lures and much more all in a High Quality Cantilver Tackle Box.

Fladen Sea Fishing Box


Why not check out our Whole Range of Sea Fishing Equipment and Tackle >>> Click Here

Clubs in England D – G

Clubs in England D – G

Danby Angling Club

Darent Valley Trout Fishery, Farnborough Kent

Darley Dale Fly-Fishing Club, Oldham

Darlington Anglers Club,Darlighton

Darlington Brown Trout Angling Association, Darlington

Darlington Fly Fishers Club, Manfield, Darlington

Dartmouth and District Angling Association, Dartmouth

Dawley Angling Society, Telford, Shropshire

Dean Clough and Ryburn Angling Society, Halifax, W Yorks

Deeping St James Angling Club, Deeping St James

Derby Angling Association, Derby

Derby Railway Angling Club, Aston on Trent, Derby

Derbyshire County Angling Club, Derbyshire

Dereham and District Angling Club, Dereham, Norfolk

Derwent (Durham) Angling Association, Consett, Co Durham

Devizes Angling Association, Devizes, Wiltshire

Devon Darwen Anglers’ Association, Darwen, Lancashire

Diss and District Angling Club, Suffolk

Doe’s Angling Club, Chelmsford, Essex

Doncaster and District Angling Association, Doncaster

Dorchester and District Angling Society

Dorchester Fishing Club, Dorchester, Dorset

Dorking and District Angling Society, Dorking, Surrey

Dorset Arms Angling Club

Downham Market & District Angling Association, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Droitwich and District (Talbot) Angling Society, Droitwich, Worcestershire

Durham City Angling Club, Durham,

Durham Fly Fishers

Earl Manvers Angling Association, Carlton, Nottingham

Eastbourne Angling Association, Eastbourne, Sussex

Eastleigh and District Angling Club, Eastborough, Hants

Eastwood Anglers, Eastwood, Nottingham

Edenbridge Angling Society, Kent

Egremont Angling Association, Egremont, Cumbria

Ehen. Wt. Ennerdale Lake Fisheries, Egremont, Cumbria

Errwood Flyfishing Club

Evesham & District Angling Association

Exeter and District Angling Association, Exeter

Fakenham Angling Club, Fakenham, Norfolk

Farnham Angling Society (FAS)

Felling Fly Fishing Club

Fenland Association of Anglers, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Fenton and District Angling Society, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs

Filey Brigg Angling Society, Filey N Yorks

Flyfishers’ Club, London

Frome and District Angling Association, Frome, Somerset

Furness Fishing Association, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

Gamefishers Club

Gerrards Cross and Uxbridge District Angling Society, Hertfordshire

Gillingham & District Angling Association

Gipping Angling Preservation Society, Suffolk

Glaston Manor Angling Association

Globe Angling Society, London

Gloucester Angling Club

Goathland Fishing Club, Darnholm

Goathland Whitby, Yorkshire Goole and District Angling Association, North Humberside

Godalming Angling Society, Godalming, Surrey

Grantham Angling Association, Grantham, Lincs

Great Cornard Angling Club, Gt Cornard, Suffolk

Great Yarmouth and Norfolk County Angling Association, Sprowston, Norwich

Groe Park and Irfon Angling Club