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Eazifeed Ready to Use Plant Food and Fertiliser 750g


Eazifeed Ready to Use Plant Food and Fertiliser 750g


Eazifeed Ready to Use Growmore Multipurpose Plant Food 750g  (99p)

Eazifeed Growmore 7-7-7 multi-purpose plant food is ideal to give plants around your garden a balance of nutrients. Eazifeed Growmore can be used for general plant feeding, beds, borders, vegetable pots and even the lawn. The food is fast acting and will ensure strong and healthy growth. 

Eazifeed Ready to Use Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser 750g (99p)

Eazifeed Bonemeal Slow Release Fertiliser is ready to use all around the garden. It is ideal for use on root crops, peas, beans, sweet peas, dahlias, peony, gladioli and deciduous shrubs. It encourages strong root growth and healthy rapid establishment of new plants.  

Best Mole Controlling Tools


Pest Stop Solar Mole Repeller  £12.99 PEST-STOP SOLAR MOLE REPELLER

 This advanced product uses solar energy to power its sonic repeller. The sonic repeller drives moles and other burrowing animals away by emitting low frequency ground vibrations every 15 to 20 seconds, which the animals interpret as signs of an approaching predator.

  • Advanced product which is solar powered
  • No batteries required
  • Sonic device drives moles and other burrowing animals away
  • Coverage is up to 7500sq ft


 Pest Stop Scissor Mole Trap  £2.99

This is a traditional alternative to chemical or toxic solutions. Highly effective,PEST-STOP SCISSOR MOLE TRAP this Mole Trap benefits from features that make it superior to other similar-looking pincer-type devices.

  • The trap is easy to set, with long handles that ensure a safe grip while the loose plate is positioned in the centre of the clasp.
  • After the trap has been set in the mole run, the extra-powerful spring closes the trap on the mole when it dislodges the loose plate.
  • From above ground, the open handles make it obvious that there is a dead mole to be removed.
  • Manufactured from long-lasting plated steel.
  • Each trap comes complete with instructions to help the user set the trap correctly for maximum success.


Pest-Stop Claw Mole Trap  £2.99

The Claw Mole Trap is designed with a horizontal trigger which is activated by the earth being moved by a mole clearing a run.  It is ideal for use against PEST-STOP CLAW MOLE TRAPstubborn moles that often fill other traps with earth.  It can also be used alongside other mole traps.  The trap is easy to set; simply squeeze the handles together and locate the pub in the trigger bar. 

  • Powerful jaws ensuring a humane kill
  • Easy to set
  • Can also be used alongside other mole traps
  • Popular with professional mole trappers


Pest Stop Tunnel Mole Trap  £2.99

The Mole Tunnel Trap is a poison free, fast and effective mole control mechanism for the protection of lawns and gardens. It is suitable for all weathers. The mole tunnel trap is designed with a strong spring action and PEST-STOP TUNNEL MOLE TRAPgalvanised for rust-free durability with a tunnel cover to keep the mole run free of debris. This it is believed to stop the moles from being scared away from the trap. This trap features a double noose action that allows the capture of all sizes of mole.

  • Manufactured from galvanized steel to prevent corrosion
  • Dual setting means the trap is triggered whichever direction the mole enters from
  • As used by professional mole trappers
  • No chemicals

Stainless Steel Weatherproof Pendant Light for your Garden


Trento Stainless Steel Weatherproof Pendant Light 60wattTRENTO STAINLESS STEEL WEATHERPROOF PENDANT LIGHT 60watt £4.99 FREE delivery

  • Stainless steel construction
  • White opaque glass shade
  • Adjustable drop length
  • Installation instructions and fixings included
  • Weatherproof rating IP44
  • E27 GLS (60watt) Bulb not included.


Alba Stainless Steel Weatherproof Pendant Light 60watt  ALBA STAINLESS STEEL WEATHERPROOF PENDANT LIGHT 60Watt £4.99 FREE delivery

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Transparent polycarbonate shade
  • Adjustable drop length
  • Installation instructions and fixings included
  • Weatherproof rating IP44
  • E27 GLS (60watt) Bulb not included

De Ree Fruit Plants and Shrubs


De Ree Fruit Plants  £3.99 (FREE delivery) 

Fruit plants are easy to grow and are suitable for every garden, large or small.

They provide a plentiful harvest of delicious, soft summer fruits improving season after season.

Available Fruit plants: Raspberry, Gooseberry (Green), Gooseberry (Red), Redcurrant, Blackcurrant, Tayberry, Blackberry


De Ree Shrubs   £3.99 (FREE delivery) DE REE SHRUBS

With their attractive flowers and foliage, shrubs are ideal for adding colour, character and shape to your garden, and can provide a long term background for other plants.

Shrubs are fragrant, and many attract wildlife. They can be planted at almost any time of the year.

Available Shrubs: Weigela Bristol Ruby, Spiraea Douglasii, Pontilla Fruticosa, Philadelphus Mock Orange, Lonicera Tatarica Honeysuckle, Hibiscus Syriacus, Deutzia Scabra, Forsythia Intermedia, Buddleja Davidii Nanho White Butterfly Bush, Buddleja Davidii Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush

G Plants Indoor Flavours Terracotta Herb Set on a Wooden Tray


G Plants Indoor Flavours Terracotta Herb Set on a Wooden Tray (£3.99) contains 3 terracotta planters, 3 plant tags and a wooden growing tray. It is for indoor and outdoor use. If you are using it indoors, ensure surfaces are not damaged by placing on a suitable drip tray or protective mat. Use permanent marker or chalk to write on the plant tags (not included).

Tips: If growing plants indoors on a windowsill remember to protect them at night from sudden drops in temperature and don’t place to close to heaters or radiators as this will dry the plants out very quickly.


GMC Line Strimmer 30cc LTP30 – £99.00

GMC Line Strimmer 30cc LTP30 (£99.00) is a reliable light weight strimmerGMC LINE STRIMMER 30CC LTP30 that won’t let you down. It has a powerful crank motor and its centrifugal clutch makes it easier to start. It has got a centre shaft joint that allows adjustment of the head angle, making working in difficult areas easier. Its D handle and a shoulder strap gives you complete control of the machine.

Following are its key specifications:

Engine size: 30cc 2-stroke

Tank capacity: 500ml

Cutting line: 2.0mm

Spool type: Bump feed

Weight: 6kg

This video from manufacturer gives shows you how to assemble, use and maintain the strimmer.

Invite birds into your garden with Bird Feeding & Bath Stations

Invite birds into your garden with Bird Feeding & Bath Stations

In Britain we get visitors from the Mediterranean andAfrica. This is an excellent opportunity for watching willow warbler, blackcap, garden warbler, whitethroat, sedge warbler, Savi’s warbler, whinchat, black redstart, redstart, nightingale and swallow. Bird Feeding stations and bird baths are a good way of inviting these visitors into your garden.

Larchwood Hill Wild Bird Deluxe Bird Feeder Station(£8.99) is easy to use; you simply place the seeds, fatballs or peanuts into the supplied feeders. It is rust resistant and a piece of 20mm dowel can be used if there is no appropriate hanging space.

Larchwood Hill Wild Bird Deluxe Bird Feeder Station (£17.99) is perfect for adding a traditional finishing touch to your garden. With a 3 way head, an orb finial and ornate twin hook arms this feeding station provides the ideal place for a variety of wild life to feed.

Westwoods Bird Bath With Solar Light  (£18.99) provides fresh water and a place for your garden birds to bath. It is made of high grade impact resistant plastic. It is easy assemble and the solar light with led bulb has got an auto on feature at dusk.

Westwoods Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder (£9.99) is an easy method to keep squirrels away & attract wild birds in your garden from Robins, Blue Tits, to House Sparrows and Tree Sparrows. When a squirrel approaches from the top of the feeder the weight of the squirrel forces the protective sleeve down to cover the peanuts and seeds.

Aqua Globes: Simple watering solution for your plants

Aqua Globes (£1.99) is simple design and works as it claims. They are easy to fill at the kitchen sink and inserted into the plant soil. The water will be released into the soil as needed. This is right product for watering your plants when you go on holidays! Here’s a video to check how it really works.

Have you used Aqua Globes? Did it work for you ?

Pots, Planters and Baskets at Concord Extra

Chatsworth 24 Cell Seed Tray 3 Pack (99p) are perfect for all types of Chatsworth 24 Cell Seed Tray 3 Packseeds and cuttings. They are strong, durable, lightweight and easily stackable with excellent drainage.  It is 36cm long x 22.5cm wide and 5.5cm deep. It is only 90p each when you buy 6.

Chatsworth Plant Pots 10.5cmChatsworth Plant Pots 10.5cm (99p) are made of a lightweight plastic and vacuum formed. These are relatively strong and have a certain amount of give. These are available in a pack of 10. These are also available in 13cm in a 6 pack. They are only 90p each when you buy 6.

Westwoods Rattan Planter Rooster (£9.99) is a charming planter and ideal gift for any gardening/rooster enthusiast. It is pre-lined and measures 16 cm wide x 17cm high. Remember to puncture lining to allow excess water to drain away.

Westwoods Rattan Hanging Basket (£2.99) is 12 inch in diameter, and pre-lined. It comes with a metal chain attached. This rustic style hanging basket fits perfectly in most gardens.

Westwoods African Style Pre-Lined Wall Pot (£2.99) is woven with Westwoods African Style Pre-Lined Wall Potbanana leaf. It is made with 100% natural material making it unique. It has got 2 tone interwoven top creating a striking effect. The basket is approximately 6.5″ tall and 7.5″ wide.

Garden wire hanging basket with linerGarden wire hanging basket with liner (£2.99) with a vibrant array of flowers makes a wonderful welcoming feature when placed either side of your door. You can choose to have a mix of flowers Brilliant Blue & Sunset Trailing or perhaps just a single splash of vivid colour with Busy Lizzie Scarlet Red & Pink and Violet.

Discount Ornaments for your garden

Ornaments in your garden are a way to reflect who you are who and you want to be.  Different people have different ideas about ornamenting their garden and we have good variety of Westwood garden ornament to suit your needs.

Discount Garden Ornaments at Concord Extra

 Westwood Cast Iron Ornaments(£4.99) are easy to install and are a variety of sizes. Some of them are:

  • Westwoods Horse Shoe Iron Door Knocker – 6 x 4.5″
  • Westwoods Iron Butterfly Hook Set – 11″ by 5.5″
  • Westwoods Iron Watering Can Hook Set – 10.5 x 6″

Discount Garden Ornaments at Concord Extra

If you want to go for smaller garden ornaments, Westwoods Iron Fork Hook (8 x 2″), Westwoods Iron Fleur De Lys Hook (8 x 4″), Westwoods Iron Fork And Spade Hook (8 x 5.5) are right for you. They are good value retailing at £1.99 each.

Westwoods Lattice Gold Finish Edging (99p) is the benchmark for landscape edging and is the ideal way to create a functional and attractive border around garden beds and along driveways. It is 45cm and can be joined together easily by the attached clips.

Discount Garden Ornaments at Concord Extra

Westwoods Decorative Iron Hanging Bell (£4.99) is solid cast iron construction and easy to install with the fixings included. You can them with horse, cockerel on the top.

Stainless Steel Pendant for your garden

Alba Stainless Steel Pendant (£9.99, Free Delivery) is a fully Alba Steel Pendant Free Deliveryweatherproof hanging pendant light suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. It looks stylish with stainless steel construction and transparent polycarbonate shade. You can adjust its drop length as you need. It is 830cm (height with max chain length) x 210cm (diameter) and requires 1 x 60 W E27 GLS Bulb (not included).

Trento Stainless Steel pendantTrento- Stainless Steel Pendant (£9.99, Free Delivery) brightens your porch or patio. It has got a white opaque glass shade with stainless steel construction and adjustable drop length. It measures approximately 274mm in diameter and 850 mm in height. It requires 1 x 60 W E27 GLS Bulb (not included).

FLC Laser 2 Solar Pagoda Lights With Crook

FLC Laser 2 Solar Pagoda Lights With Crook (£9.99) are decorative lights with no wires. It gives out super-bright white LED light. It has UV-protected solar panels to reduce sun damage and maximise performance. 

These lights automatically switch on at dusk and last for up to 12 hours casting a pleasing, welcoming glow. You can easily set them up as post-style lights along a pathway or as beautiful hanging lanterns accenting your garden. 

Free Delivery on Seven types of Bush Roses

Roses are very easy to grow and will thrive even when given very little care. Roses are estimated to be over 35 million years old, dating back to 3000 BC. This must be old time gardening favorites! 

Bush Roses also known as hybrid tea roses, produce fully double flowers with thick, light green leaves. These are perfect for creating stunning displays all summer long  with colourful, large fragrant blooms on long stems perfect for cutting. These are provided as bare rooted canes around 15 inches high. 

You have got 7 varieties of bush roses to choose at Concord Extra. They are £5.00 if you buy one or any three for £9.99 with free delivery.

Bush Rose

Grow flowers from seed disks

Growing flowers from seed disks is an easy alternative for anyone who struggles with sowing small flower seeds. Here are three steps to follow and you will see results within a week.

 How do we do it ?        

How to Grow Seed Disc

How to Grow Seed Disc

How to Grow Seed Disc





1 Choose pot that is a litter larger than the disk, then fill it up with seed compost. Firm and level the surface and place a seed disk on top Cover the seed disk with fine layer of compost 3 Water the pot thoroughly, and stand it in a warm and bright place.

Concord Extra is offering free delivery on 6 types of flower seed disks with a price of £ 2.99 ; Grandiflora Double &  Spectacular Stars, Royal Salvia , Brilliant Blue & Sunset Trailing (hanging basket), Busy Lizzie Scarlet Red Pink Violet (hanging basket), Trailing Mix & Petunia and Strawberry Chilli Tomato.


Grow your own Potatoes

Potatoes grow from eyes which are pieces cut from seed potatoes. As they grow Seed Potatoesthey are hilled when the plants are 20 – 30 cm high. Hilling is done by covering the base of the plant with soil to prevent from the exposure to the light which causes them to turn green. They are harvested at certain temperature to maximise the length of the time they can be stored.

Did you know ?

1 Brits are the third largest consumers of potatoes in Europe after the Portugese and Irish 2 In 1995 potatoes were taken into space aboard the suttle Columbia, this is the first time food had ever been grown in space. 3 The world’s biggest potato was grown in Germany in 1997 weighing in at 3.2 kg.

Concord Extra has four varieties of Potatoes Seeds for £1.00 each. Each pack includes 8 roots.  They are:

Charlotte is suitable for: Roasting, Boiling, Salads ; King Edward is suitable for: Potato Dauphinoise , Chips, Roasting, Mashing; Maris Peer is suitable for: Salads, Potatoes Wedges, Chips, Boiling; Pentland Javelin is suitable for: Salads.

Giant Seed Mat – Ready to Plant Kitchen Herbs

Shake n rake Seed shaker

Giant Seed mat – Ready to Plant Kitchen herbs (£2.99) measures 200 x 45 cm. It is recommended to grow these herbs between February to July. Simply lay out, water in and grow !

This mat contains 10 Varieties  of herbs including, Basil sweet, Chives, Parsley, Oregano, Basil, RedThyme, Rocket, Sage, Garlic Chive and Fenugreek. 

The mat provides extra warmth for fast germination. You don’t have to worry about weeding or pest control. The organic bio-paper mat breaks down harmlessly into the soil.

Have you used one of these product before ? Leave your comment.

Shake N Rake Flower Seeds

Shake n rake Seed shaker

Shake n’ rake seed shaker  (£2.99) contains approximately 20 varieties of flower seeds and will cover 50 sq metres. It is favourable to sow between February to June, in time to flower at summer.  It is easy to grow, simply shake onto the ground, rake in and water !

We have eight varieties in our store: The Red Garden, The Pink Garden, Butterfly & Bee Flowers, Wild Flowers , Scented Flowers, The Blue Garden, Rockery Garden and The Yellow Garden. All these are packed in an eco-friendly way showing commitment to the environment.

Here’s a some information on how to grow:

  • Prepare soil and remove small stones & weeds
  • Rake soil to a depth of around 2.5-4 cm
  • Hold box upside down & shake vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the seeds
  • Distribute seeds evenly over the are to be planted by shaker top
  • Rake surface lightly
  • Water well and ensure that soil is kept moist

If  you have grown these flowers before, leave your comments on this post.

Is gardening any good for you ?

This is a general question people ask. Gardening is something you can do to have some time to yourself and it also helps you connect with your neighbours. You can meet people in your area who share their common interest and they can be a source of help when you need advice.

Gardening vegetables or fruit is not only nutritious but a way to save on your monthly bills. On the other hand, you must have tasted the difference between vegetables & fruit from your garden compared to a supermarket. You don’t have to worry about health when you use your own produce. Personally, I like the taste of my own produce and I enjoy being self-sufficient, I like the feeling that you can pick and cook when you want ! Don’t you ? The size of your garden could lead to fewer plants but you can still grow variety. Being outdoors in a garden even for short time looking at the flowers and plants has a beneficial effect on your health and state of mind. You will have space to think !

Concord Extra is offering De Ree Fruit Plants (£9.99 for 3 ) , Fruit Trees (£9.99), Roses (£9.99 for 3 ) and Shrubs (£9.99 for 3 ) with Free Delivery. Fruit plants includes Blackberry, Tayberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Gooseberry and Raspberry. Fruit trees includes Apple Jonogold, Pear Conference, Plum Opal and Sour Cherry. Shrubs includes Purple Butterfly Bush, White Butterfly Bush, Forsythia, Deutzia Scabra, Hibiscus Syriacus, Lonicera Tatarica Honeysuckle , Philadelphus Mock Orange, Pontilla Fruticosa, Spiraea Douglasii and Weigela Bristol Ruby with fourteen varieties of bush and climbing roses.  De Ree maintains high quality with regular check by trained staff. De Ree is certified for different quality marks. Since August 1994 De Ree is certificated for ISO9001, the quality management system. In 1998 De Ree was certified as an environmental friendly organization; ISO14001.

We would like to know your experience of gardening along with use quality of De Ree plants if you have used them before.

Image Source: Flickr

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