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We have raised fantastic £3,421.87 for Valindre Cancer Centre

Donation to Velindre Cancer Centre

Velindre Cancer Centre is the largest non-surgical cancer Hospital in Wales providing Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and other specialised anti-cancer treatments for over half the people diagnosed with cancer in Wales. More people survive cancer than ever before thanks to early detection and better treatments.

It is estimated that by 2015 there will be a 30% increase in the most common forms of cancer in Wales. In order to ensure best possible care and support is offered to every patient, their families and carers dealing with cancer, we have continuously donated money raised from sales of retail bags.

We are proud to be able to contribute towards Velindre’s aim of achieving Victory over Cancer. 

Concord Extra Supports Velindre Cancer Centre

Concord Extra Supports Velindre Cancer Centre

Donate Valindre Cancer Centre


Did you know Toothbrush is one of Greatest British inventions?

The origin of toothbrush started with “chewingsticks” used by Babylonians as early as
natural-toothbrush 3500 BC. As time passed, twigs were carefully chosen from aromatic trees like neem with ability to clean and freshen the mouth.

At around 1780, the first toothbrush was made by William Addis of Clerkenald, England.

William Addis was arrested on the streets of Spitalfields and charged with causing a riot. As he languished in his Newgate gaol cell, William struggled to clean his teeth with the traditional combination of a rag with salt and soot. If only he could get in between the teeth, he could do a much better job.

addisSpying a broom, Addis got an idea. He picked a small animal bone from his plate and drilled small holes in it pestered a guard for some bristles and – eureka – the toothbrush was born.

Addis, and later, his descendants, manufactured the finest English brushes, where the handles were carved out of the bone of cattle and the heads of the natural bristles were placed in the bored holes made in the bone and kept in place by thin wire.

William Addis, his unfortunate incarceration in a London prison was not just the happy accident that made his fortune, it was one that changed the world.

You can find Addis Smokers Toothbrush Extra Hard in our store for 99p

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

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Concord Extra Supports Velindre Cancer Centre

Concord Supports Velindre Cancer CentreVelindre Cancer Centre is the largest non-surgical cancer Hospital in Wales providing Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and others specialised anti-cancer treatments for over half the people diagnosed with cancer in Wales. More people survive cancer than ever before thanks to early detection and better treatments.

It is estimated that by 2015 there will be a 30% increase in the most common forms of cancer in Wales. We are determined to raise the money necessary to enable us to meet these new challenges.

You Can Donate HereWe have already raised more than £1200 and we will continue to support the charity to help Velindre improve lives of those suffered by cancer.

Concord Extra Click and Collect Service

At Concord Extra, we pride ourselves for “for massive savings top brands” with outstanding next day delivery. We also understand the fact thatClick and Collect at Crosshands, Ebbw Vale, Caldicot, Cardiff and New Inn Store some of our customers would like to be able to collect their order. That’s why we’ve just launched our fantastic new Click and Collect  service. You can order online 24/7 and collect at your nearest store in Cardiff, Ebbw Vale, Pontypool, Crosshands or Caldicot.

This is a free service that allows you to choose most convenient location nearest to you. All you have to do is pop into your chosen store, collect it and go!

Here’s a guide to how it works:

Step 1

Shop the products you need online at

Step 2

Select the nearest store from “Collect from store?

Step 3

Complete your order and pay online using our secure payment process. An ‘Order Confirmation Number’ will be emailed to you shortly after.

Step 4

We will email you when the order is ready for collection. Call into your chosen Concord Extra store with your ‘Order Confirmation Number’.

We hope that our Click and Collect service will make it easier for you to shop online.

Concord Extra Discussion Event – “Mum’s biggest worry about her child”


We organised a discussion Event on Facebook, 22nd May between 1:00 to 2:00 pm. The discussion topic was – “Mum’s biggest worry about her child”. We had eight active participants. Here’s the list of worriesConcord Extra discussion event pointed out by the participants:


1. Developing & learning at the correct stages as other children! -Janet Bagnall

2. My wee boy will feel left out with the new baby – Lexy Law 

3. Blame for his lack of confidence – Anne Rogers 

4. She doesn’t listen when I tell her off and does as she wants – Layla Fletcher

5. I have a wonderful son and he is 10 years old and my main worry about him is that he chooses the right friends – Leila Benhamida

6. My son being able to find a job when he leaves school he is 14 and finding it hard to even find someone to give him a placement for work experience – Gaynor Robertson

The discussion was quite lively with all the participants helping out each other with their experiences. Here are some comments on Discussion #1.


Lexy Law I can understand why this would be a worry, with both my children there has been no problems but i was a very late bloomer and I have good friends a gorgeous family and went to uni, but if u are concerned contactur health visitor

Leila Benhamida It’s very important. I had the chance to have my son at nursery when he was 4 months old as i was working full time and that helped a lot to prepare them for school and further learning like reading and others…

Elspeth Durrand All children develop st different rates and I think so called development guidelines are sometimes just one more worry for a stressed and busy mum. Just as adults excel in certain fields among their peers – so do children.

Jalila Jill Djelassi totally agree with elspeth, all kids are different, comparing them against other children just makes you worry more

Janet Bagnall I often think she’s clever or advanced but I suppose all parents have that!!!

Lisa Auty when i had my first son i really worried as its always been charted that a child of a certain age should do blah blah etc, my son was a slow learner, he didnt talk until he was ready to and now you cant shut him up lol, he is a really bright child, my daughter learnt things quicker than him but i dont worry about the guidelines as much now, itll only stress you out more i think

Nicola Palin  My two children are completely different and so you would expect this ! I never compare my childs development to supposed stages , all develop at different levels ! Unless you can see something obvious or worrying i wouldnt stress about it ! Just enjoy 😉

You can see full 1.5 hour discussion on our Event Page. It might be helpful to you if you are looking for some genuine suggestions to help you in your circumstances.

This is one of the examples of community spirit among people. There are quite a lot of people who want to help others sharing their experiences. If you would like to participate in our next event simply become our fan and you will get the event notification.

Thank you all once again!

Concord Extra is supporting Velindre Cancer Centre

concord extra supporting Velindre Cancer Centre

According to the Welsh government, Wales used 273 carrier bags per household in 2009-10. The Welsh Government introduced a single use carrier bag charge to help tackle the climate change, reduce litter, protect wildlife and encourage people to reuse the bags. 

Concord Extra has been collecting 5p for bags at its four stores; Ebbw Vale, Caldicot,Cardiff and Crosshands and have already donated £385.61 to Velindre Cancer Centre, located in Whitchurch, Cardiff, and a division of Velindre NHS Trust. 

Let us know what you think about this  change with your comments on this post.

Every Penny from Carriers goes to Velindre Cancer Centre

5p for bagsSingle-use carriers handed out at tills carrying a 5p charge is designed to slash the number of single-use carriers by more than 70 per cent. This scheme currently only in Wales if carried out UK-wide could raise £50million a year for 'Big Society' good causes.

Concord Extra is supporting Velindre Cancer Centre, located in Whitchurch, Cardiff 5p for bagsand is a division of Velindre NHS Trust. Velindre Cancer Centre provides specialist cancer services to over 1.5 million people in South East Wales and beyond.

It is interesting to know that support for plastic bag charges is growing around the world. Even Rwanda, one of the poorest nations in Africa, has banned free bags. 


We have Moved :)

Great News!

We have moved to bigger and better premises to bring efficiency in our operation. We have got and excellent team to manage your orders on time. Our Staff includes Miss Gemma Allen, Miss Terrie Scard, Miss Danielle Pierce, Mr. Stewart Jeramiah and Mr. Prabhat Shah.

Miss Gemma Allen, Miss Terrie Scard, Miss Danielle Pierce ( L – R)

We know that delivery charges puts off online shopping experience so here is a Free Delivery voucher code for you to use during check out.


We have got a secure payment method Paypal, Google and Barclays for your peace of mind. We would like to let you know that most of the orders are dispatched on the same day and we aim to dispatch orders within 1 working day (excluding weekends and bank holidays) via City Link for Next Day delivery and Royal Mail for Standard Delivery.

We like to hear from our customers. Here's what some customers say about our service. You can feedback us your


I ordered 2 x cases of Fairy Soap on Monday Evening and they were delivered this morning, can I please compliment you on such a great service.


Allen Taylor, Southampton


Just to let you know my first order with yourselves arrived yesterday. I cannot get over how well it was packed; how fast delivery was and the pricing of all the articles. I wish I had found you before. You even had the courtesy to ring and tell me of a few small items that you could not deliver to to stock shortage and refunded me the same day. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Kind regards and thanks again,
Liz Prosser
Ceredigion, Wales

We are happy take your order online or through telephone.

 01495 758 659 or 01495 753 056

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