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Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Tea Tree Review

Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Tea Tree (£1.25) contains a rich gel Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Tea Tree infused facial mask which contains a unique blend of Aloe Vera, natural vitamins and minerals combined with ceramide and sodium hyaluronate spheres which are 3 times more powerful than collagen. 

It is a single treatment pampering face mask that promises to leave the user feeling rejuvenated with less visible wrinkles. We requested one of our Facebook Fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

“I received this product the day before a class reunion at which I would be meeting some friends I hadn’t seen in over twenty years. Well timed – I crossed my fingers and sent up a prayer that it would do what it said on the packet. I read the sachet with interest and decided to use it the following afternoon before my night out – anything that promises to shave away a few years is worth a try!

The following afternoon, I had the house to myself so I ran a bath and sank down into the bubbles. I cleansed my face and patted it dry, then unfolded the mask and put it on. I lay back and closed my eyes. The packaging told me to leave it on for ten minutes but I was so relaxed I overran by a few minutes. Whether it would minimise my wrinkles remained to be seen but it certainly made me feel pampered and tranquil. It was a hot afternoon and it felt like a soothing flannel caressing my forehead. I removed the mask and massaged the residue into my skin.

When I was applying my make-up later I peered at my skin in the mirror, I was convinced it looked plumper and brighter but it was my best friend’s reaction that clinched my suspicions. When she arrived at seven she said, ‘Wow! You treated yourself to a facial girl – you look great!’

The upshot is that I’m very impressed with this easy to use product and intend to invest in a few more to keep in the bathroom cabinet for pampering before special nights out. I will definitely use it on the morning of my daughter’s wedding in August. Mother’s of the bride need all the help they can get to look younger.

The only drawback I can see is the cooling effect might not be so pleasant on a cold winter’s day but I don’t suppose there is any reason it couldn’t be warmed before use on the radiator. Summing it up I would say it’s an effective and affordable skin booster and pick me up.

My skin felt softer for a full day after using it. I have paid ten times as much for masks in the past that promised amazing things but have done little more than moisturise. Both my friend and I could see a visible difference in my skin’s plumpness after I used this product. My friend was so impressed she intends to buy some for herself and when I directed her to she couldn’t believe the price. It just goes to prove that it’s not always the most expensive products that have the best results.

Many thanks for introducing me to this product. I will be looking to see what else is in this range.”

Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Tea Tree Review




Elspeth Durrand, Wick

Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask -Cool Aloe Review

Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloe (£1.25) contains a rich gel infused facial mask which contains a unique blend of Aloe Vera, natural Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloevitamins and minerals combined with ceramide and sodium hyaluronate spheres which are 3 times more powerful than collagen.

It is a single treatment pampering face mask that promises to leave the user feeling rejuvenated with less visible wrinkles. We requested one of our Facebook Fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

“I am reviewing Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloe; this is a facemask which does exactly what it says on the tin!

This was a very cooling product, very nice and refreshing when I put it on my face, only con about this is that it was too big for my face, it was all crinkled up at the ends but apart from that I loved it, it was very nice and refreshing and relaxing and comfortable wearing it. It was very easy to use, just a case of opening the mask out and applying it onto your face, I wore this for over 10 mins as it smelt gorgeous n made me feel relaxed!

I would recommend this to anyone I know, and explain to them how good this product actually is.

Thank you for letting me reviews an item.”


Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches Review

Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches are only 99p or 8 Throw & Go 12 Non-Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouchesfor 85p each. We asked one of our Facebook fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

The product is nicely packaged and easy to open and store. When I first opened them I wasn’t sure about the smell of them as they smell a bit like toilet cleaner. They are easy to use as you just throw one in with the wash, I did my first load as a small quick load of my sons swimming stuff as I just needed

freshening up. It gave good results on a 30 min, 30 degree wash and I was surprised  at smell of the washing when it was done it had lost that toilet cleaner smell and just smelled fresh .
The second load I used them for was a load of my hubbies t-shirts and my son’s. I used two pouches on a 40 degree wash. They came out bright and fresh though I did notice that some of the marks on my sons t- shirt didn’t come out these were juice marks that don’t always come out using my normal washing powder anyway.

I like the ease of use of this product as I always use to much of my normal washing powder so these would be more cost effective as you can’t use too much . I would use a fabric softener if I was using these all the time as the smell was not as strong as I like. All in all, this is a great product and I would recommend it to friends and family.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this product :)

Gaynor Robertson,


May 2012


I found ‘throw & go’ to be very good.  It washed all my clothes perfectly especially heavily soiled kids’ socks. It worked well for both whites and coloureds alike.  I found that it also worked well at low temperatures which are great for energy consumption and the environment.

Another great factor is the fact that it comes in a pack rather than a big box.  The parcels of powder are perfect if you are in a rush as you just throw them in without messing around working out how much powder you need.

To finish off, the smell is lovely and fresh.  Really nice strong zesty lemon smell. I would definitely recommend this product and would use it again. 

Nickie Smith


18th July 2012

Throw & Go 12 Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches Review

Throw & Go 12 Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches are only 99p or 8 for 85pTHROW & GO 12 BIO DISSOLVABLE LAUNDRY POUCHES each. We asked one of our Facebook fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

These pouches are filled with a set amount of concentrated bio washing
powder that are placed inside the drum. The benefits are that you don’t have to measure out a set amount if powder and the products lasts as long as stated on the packet. The product worked! I have a young family and do a lot of laundry this product worked well lifting dirt and stains at low temp 30 degrees.

The cons of this product that I don’t normally use fabric conditioner
and with gel I find the clothes don’t need a fabric conditioner but
with this powder I felt I could of done with a conditioner.

I would rate this product 8/10 as I thought the cleaning was good but
I prefer not having to use a fabric conditioner.

In conclusion, this product works well and leaves clothes fresh and
clean. This is the first I have seen of the dissolvable powder
straight to drum laundry pouches. As I would normally use a gel
capsule I’m not sure if I would switch as I find all powders can leave
white marks on black washes. But if you prefer a powder this product
is a good idea.

Lexy Law

Lexy Law, Newtownards

May 2012

Review 2  __________________________________

This is my review of “Throw and Go Bio Dissolvable Laundry Pouches”.  The product is a value general purpose laundry item that claims:

  • great results
  • concentrated formula
  • dissolvable no mess no fuss.

It is suitable for all fabrics as it is not otherwise stated and I used it on everything in my wash basket with no ill effects, including both silk and wool items.
I kept to all instructions on the packet (as a mother, you don’t even have to look, you just use as you would any other laundry tablet product) and the product washed my items really nicely. Everything came out smelling wonderfully fresh and spotless. I even think my towels came out cleaner using this product than my usual top brand washing powder, at about 5 times the price of these pouches! My partner works in a coffee shop and these eradicated all traces of food and tea/coffee from his uniform and took the grass stains from my daughters school uniform right out, even in a cool wash. Lovely product indeed! Would recommend to all those on a budget looking for an effective, economical and affordable product.
As mentioned before, i am a great fan of this product for many different reasons, in particular:

1. The price:  These pouches are currently 99p for a pack of 12 (1p per wash, so 12 washes) or you can bulk buy which makes them 85p for a 12 wash pack. You cant argue with that price when they are as good as they are!
2. The ease of use: When using a powdered laundry detergent I always find that I spill it on the floor or worktops when trying to fill the drawer of the washing machine. I don’t know whether that’s just me being a bit butterfingered or its just one of those things that happens when lugging a massive box of powder from the cupboard.. With these tablets, what you see is what you get. 12 easy one use pouches in a nice compact, resalable packet. Throw one in the machine and put the rest back in the cupboard for the next unending round of washing!
3. The results: I tend to buy top brand as my partner is very picky. He doesn’t like “cheap”, but he hasn’t even noticed that I have been using a different product (I shouldn’t generalise, but my chap has no clue what goes on behind the scenes in our kitchen anyways!).
4.  The fragrance: Most laundry items have an over feminine scent. Always of some kind of flowers, which is fine by me, but I’m not sure how smelling like a bouquet of freshly cut roses and daisies every time you move appeals to men. The fragrance of these tablets is just a general clean smell. Fresh, inviting, a winner !
I have found very few faults with this product, other than you cannot prewash items with these. Sometimes you just need that extra oomph from your wash cycle, but in this case I would just do a normal wash with two pouches and just knock up the cycle temperature to a warmer one than usual, problem solved. Also, hand wash is not recommended, but it does give instructions of how to do so on the packet. Not so much another con, but worth a mention the amount of powder in each pouch. It is truly enough to clean a full 6kg load effectively, but the dosage does seem a little sparse which would possibly tempt people to use more than one pouch per wash when it is truly not needed, which in turn would mean the bag of pouches wouldn’t last very long in a family household like mine..
Overall, a fantastic product, both in cleaning power and price. Well worth a go, you won’t be disappointed with the results.
Thank you for letting me try this product.

Kirsty burkeDevon

July 2012



Have you got a pair of Waders ?

Chest waders are most popular fishing waders because you can get to very shallow stream completely dry. They keep you dry whether you are fishing on a lake or during rain. They keep you tidy when you are making up ground bait. Chest waders show its significance during sea fishing. They cover you up while you are busy doing messy bait. Just walk into the sea and all your mess is washed off. You are back with good as new wader!

Quick release buckles in chest warders are an important safety feature just in case you fall in. You can easily release the shoulder straps and you leave water safely. They are made to fit comfortably allowing room to bend, stretch and walking without splitting or leaking.

Thigh waders are better for certain types of fishing than the chest. Thigh waders are a lot lighter. They keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, this is a tremendous breakthrough. You will find they are lot cheaper than chest waders. Some of the qualities you should look for thigh waders are

  • Soft supple upper made from top quality materials.
  • Good deep-cleated sole for extra grip

Don’t forget to keep a wading stick because of the uneven nature of a riverbed. You need something to test the depth before you take a step as it is all too easy to step into a hole and flood your waders or completely fall in and endanger your life, especially on fast flowing rivers.

Concord Extra has three kinds of Fladen Waders; Fladen Chest Waders, Thigh Waders and Breathable Waders. Fladen is a Swedish brand and they supply to most European countries. They are good quality because they carry out design & development in Europe.

Let us know how useful your waders have been by leaving comment !


Fladen Chest wader       Fladen Thigh wader      Fladen Breathable Wader      

Fladen Chest Waders                  Fladen Thigh Waders                          Fladen Breathable Waders


Our Favourite Cook: Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen’s cooking is simple, practical and ideal for friends and families. The BBC describe her as an "Irish cooking queen" and Good Food magazine believe she "has put Irish cooking on the map in recent years".



We have got three Rachel Allen Home Cooking Range; Stand Mixer makes bread, pizza dough and cakes with ease. I also make superb salad dressings with the attachments with this mixer. Pizza maker keeps children amused as they can choose their own toppings and create their own designs.  The Double Pie Maker is fantastic for making your favourite homemade pies in just 10 minutes. With non-stick coated plates for easy cleaning and a pastry cutter included, you'll be able to make perfect pies instantly. 

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