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Comfort Plus Colour Care Fabric Conditioner 750ml


comfort fabric conditioner

Comfort Plus Colour Care Fabric Conditioner Colours 750ml  £1.99  

Comfort Bright Colours helps keep colours as good as new for longer. Its Pro Bright formula helps prevent running or fading and keeps your clothes bright and vibrant. It can be used on all colours, from pastels through to deeper shades, and even stripes and patterns helping to give you bright, true colours with all the softness and freshness that Comfort brings.

Comfort Plus Colour Care Fabric Conditioner Brighter Whites 750ml  £1.99  

Comfort Bright Whites gently restores whiteness and radiance to your clothes. Its Pro White formula counteracts yellow or grey tones that can cause dulling and discolouration, to help leave your whites looking bright and fresh.