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Concord Extra Discussion Event – “Mum’s biggest worry about her child”


We organised a discussion Event on Facebook, 22nd May between 1:00 to 2:00 pm. The discussion topic was – “Mum’s biggest worry about her child”. We had eight active participants. Here’s the list of worriesConcord Extra discussion event pointed out by the participants:


1. Developing & learning at the correct stages as other children! -Janet Bagnall

2. My wee boy will feel left out with the new baby – Lexy Law 

3. Blame for his lack of confidence – Anne Rogers 

4. She doesn’t listen when I tell her off and does as she wants – Layla Fletcher

5. I have a wonderful son and he is 10 years old and my main worry about him is that he chooses the right friends – Leila Benhamida

6. My son being able to find a job when he leaves school he is 14 and finding it hard to even find someone to give him a placement for work experience – Gaynor Robertson

The discussion was quite lively with all the participants helping out each other with their experiences. Here are some comments on Discussion #1.


Lexy Law I can understand why this would be a worry, with both my children there has been no problems but i was a very late bloomer and I have good friends a gorgeous family and went to uni, but if u are concerned contactur health visitor

Leila Benhamida It’s very important. I had the chance to have my son at nursery when he was 4 months old as i was working full time and that helped a lot to prepare them for school and further learning like reading and others…

Elspeth Durrand All children develop st different rates and I think so called development guidelines are sometimes just one more worry for a stressed and busy mum. Just as adults excel in certain fields among their peers – so do children.

Jalila Jill Djelassi totally agree with elspeth, all kids are different, comparing them against other children just makes you worry more

Janet Bagnall I often think she’s clever or advanced but I suppose all parents have that!!!

Lisa Auty when i had my first son i really worried as its always been charted that a child of a certain age should do blah blah etc, my son was a slow learner, he didnt talk until he was ready to and now you cant shut him up lol, he is a really bright child, my daughter learnt things quicker than him but i dont worry about the guidelines as much now, itll only stress you out more i think

Nicola Palin  My two children are completely different and so you would expect this ! I never compare my childs development to supposed stages , all develop at different levels ! Unless you can see something obvious or worrying i wouldnt stress about it ! Just enjoy 😉

You can see full 1.5 hour discussion on our Event Page. It might be helpful to you if you are looking for some genuine suggestions to help you in your circumstances.

This is one of the examples of community spirit among people. There are quite a lot of people who want to help others sharing their experiences. If you would like to participate in our next event simply become our fan and you will get the event notification.

Thank you all once again!