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Concord Extra likes Adam’s attempt to show South Wales perspective for London 2012

Concord Extra likes Adam's insight on London Olympics 2012

It is only 73 until the Olympics. The stadium looks wonderful with UK’s largest ever man-made wildflower. If you got a ticket you are lucky. If you have the Olympic theme in your mind, now you can get Adidas deodorant and shower gels with union flan on. 

With the Olympic theme in mind we have found a dedicated blog “OlympicCardiff” created by Adam Care, a volunteer Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympics. We love how he is bringing out Welsh perspective for the London Olympics 2012. Adam has done a good job in putting together a detailed map of the Olympic torch relay in Cardiff. His post on Paralympics is wonderfully example of the support that the Paralympic movement receive from disabled people in Britain.

You can also follow this very wonderful young man on Twitter over at @Adacar71