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 Jigsaw Childcare is committed to provide a joyful learning experience that empowers children to reach their potential. Jigsaw fosters a caring and creative environment emphasising the development of each child whilst working closely with parents/carers and the community in supporting this learning.

jigsaw2Jigsaw Childcare has a purpose built single storey building with four large, bright and airy childcare rooms. One of the features I like about these rooms is the access to its own outside play area encouraging free flow between inside and outside areas throughout the day.

This high standard Childcare is located in Catterick Road, North Yorkshire and you can contact Caroline on 01748 833725.

Jigsaw Childcare bought Babycare Sterilising Fluid 1250ml (December 2012) from us. This sterilising fluid kills germs such as e-coli, listeria and salmonella. It has been developed to protect the whole family.