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Concord Extra Likes Spring Clean Home Services

We have wide range of customers within the UK. Our business customers include Farm, Embroidery services, Beauty Salons, Tuition House, Butchers, Hotels, coal-fired plant to cleaning services. They visit our site to buy grocery, cleaning, pest repellent, body spray deodorants, food preparation, air freshener, oral care and embroidery products.   


Concord Extra Likes Spring Clean Home Services

One of them is Spring Clean Home Services based atBolton. They offer fully insured cleaning services. They provide two types of services.

The first is a KEEP clean meaning keeping all surfaces, floors and appliances clean and removing noticeable marks off windows, mirrors or tiles.  The second is a more intense clean the DEEP clean meaning we will start at the top of the room and work our way down to the floor , starting of by dusting any light fittings removing any cobwebs or dust to the ceiling. Then cleaning on top of any cupboards or units you have in the room then cleaning the front of any cupboards or units, dusting shelves and ornaments down to the skirting boards, where they will be cleaned and dusted, and any moveable furniture will be moved away from walls to allow us to clean the skirting board and floor underneath the furniture item a deep clean also includes cleaning windows inside and inside window sills.

They offer a personalised cleaning service. Just let them know what you would like do and they will create a cleaning schedule, based on your individual requirements.

Spring Clean Home Services recently bought “Mr Muscle Multi Task Kitchen 750ml” at 99p. It has got following features:

  • Effectively cleans your kitchen surfaces to a shine – from greasy hobs to tiles to tops, even glass.
  • Tough enough to remove grease and dirt.
  • Leaves behind a streak free shine

Here’s what they say –

“We have achieved fantastic multi-surface cleaning allowing us not only to save time but money. This product is a great price and vs similar cleaning products available it stands out from the crowd as it is non-toxic yet dissolves grease and cleans windows/mirrors to a sparkling shine.

I would definitely recommend Concord Extra the quality of service, delivery time and customer service. We found to be flawless.”


Vicky Holt

Spring Clean Home Services