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Consumer Car Maintenance Report

ConcordExtra administered a survey via Facebook (March 2012), through Consumer Car Maintenance Report March 2012Facebook competition. The results were compiled based on responses of the survey’s 438 participants. We asked a simple question:

Which one of these applies to you?

  • I repair my car
  • I go to the garage for repairs

Only 26 % of respondents repair their car themselves and 74% go to the garage for repairs. We also asked to specify the reason for choosing their answers. Here are five selected comments:

I go to the garage for repairs


I repair my car

I have children and need to make sure that all repairs are carried our professionally so that the car is safe to drive. It’s cheaper and I feel confident that the job will be done properly and I wont be charged for something that isn’t even wrong with it or that hasn’t even been fixed. If my family is being driven in my car I want to know that it is safe.

Merle Busch, London

Natalie Goatley,Cornwall

I really don’t know where to start with a car and would rather a professional got it right and the car was safe than for me to attempt it and make a mistake. I repair my car, i always have done too. i am very particular about my car and like to know everything has been done to my standards and not been rushed. i like to know that my car runs well and looks mint and know that it hasnt cost me a fortune in the process too!

Caroline Hird,Plymouth

Kirsty Burke,Devon

As I am so useless at car mechanics it would cost me more in the long run to try to do anything myself. Luckily I have access to ‘a man who does’ who kindly checks fluid levels, tyre pressures etc on a regular basis (my husband) In return I help keep both our cars clean and sparkling. My husband has a classic car and he likes to tinker with his new baby. Or should i say *old *baby. he has found 1 garage that specialises in classic cars and he will trust them to do a few bits that he cant do from his own garage. And this set will certainly help him.

Patricia Avery,Lincolnshire

Catherine  West,  Essex

Sadly time is not on my side but I love my car and want the best for it and my half job would not be right! I repair my car myself as it’s cheaper to us buy the parts i need and then repair them, i don’t have to pay additional costs for manual labour and i can be 100% sure the job is done properly

Claire Nelson, Hertfordshire

Lisa Dunne,Middlesbrough

So as it’s done properly and also the time factor. Gives me a sense of pride that I have looked after my own vehicle.

Lucky Winner: Russ Davidson, Angus

Michael Burt, Merseyside

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