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Control your style with Schwarzkopf iStylers

Schwarzkopf iStylers 75ml

With Schwarzkopf iStylers you can control your style. These are available at £2.95 and in three types so that you can mix and match your mood.

Schwarzkopf iStylers Texture Clay 75ml

Do you feel like moulding and creatively manipulating? Then choose got2 iStylers Texture clay to create your individual matt and textured style with strong hold.

Schwarzkopf Got2b iStylers Define Hyper-Wax 75ml

Are you looking for definition or a slick style without overburdening your hair? Then choose got2b iStylers Define Hyper-wax to create your individual defined style with medium hold.

Schwarzkopf Got2b iStylers Restyler Fibre Paste 75ml

Are you a hair chameleon, always changing from one style to another? Then choose got2b iStylers restyler fibre paste to create your individual, endlessly remouldable style with medium hold.