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Did you know Toothbrush is one of Greatest British inventions?

The origin of toothbrush started with “chewingsticks” used by Babylonians as early as
natural-toothbrush 3500 BC. As time passed, twigs were carefully chosen from aromatic trees like neem with ability to clean and freshen the mouth.

At around 1780, the first toothbrush was made by William Addis of Clerkenald, England.

William Addis was arrested on the streets of Spitalfields and charged with causing a riot. As he languished in his Newgate gaol cell, William struggled to clean his teeth with the traditional combination of a rag with salt and soot. If only he could get in between the teeth, he could do a much better job.

addisSpying a broom, Addis got an idea. He picked a small animal bone from his plate and drilled small holes in it pestered a guard for some bristles and – eureka – the toothbrush was born.

Addis, and later, his descendants, manufactured the finest English brushes, where the handles were carved out of the bone of cattle and the heads of the natural bristles were placed in the bored holes made in the bone and kept in place by thin wire.

William Addis, his unfortunate incarceration in a London prison was not just the happy accident that made his fortune, it was one that changed the world.

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