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Discount Bird Food and Accessories


REDWOOD LEISURE WOODEN BIRD TABLE 116 X 35 X 34CM Redwood Leisure Wooden Bird Table 116 X 35 X 34cm (£9.99)

This excellent value bird table will be ideal for attracting small birds into your garden; also ideal to get the children to recognise each species of bird that comes onto the table. It is very easy to assemble as all pieces are pre-cut and no sawing is required. Free standing solid wooden structure with sturdy base is easy to clean. 

Approx size – 116 x 35 x 34cm                                    

 WESTWOODS BIRD BATH WITH SOLAR LIGHT 50 x 90 x 50CM Westwoods Bird Bath With Solar Light (£18.99)Made of high grade impact resistant plastic, easy assembly, solar light auto on at dusk and off at dawn with a long lasting LED bulb. 50(w) x 90(h) x 50(d)cm.
 LARCHWOOD HILL WILD BIRD DELUXE BIRD FEEDER STATION Larchwood Hill Wild Bird Deluxe Bird Feeder Station (£16.99)Easy to use, you simply place the seeds, fatballs or peanuts into the supplied feeders. It is rust resistant and a piece of 20mm dowel can be used if there is no appropriate hanging space.
 DAWN CHORUS WILD BIRD SEED 1.25KG Dawn Chorus Wild Bird Seed 1.25kg (£1.00)Suitable for all year round feeding and is made from selected ingredients to attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden.
  Dawn Chorus Wild Bird Hi-Energy Feeder Mix 2kg  £3.99

This mix will appeal to the tit family, finch and sparrow. As well as robins, reed buntings, nuthatch woodpeckers and warblers..

KINGFISHER SUET FAT BALL FEEDER Kingfisher Suet Fat Ball Feeder  (£1.00)Ideal for Tits, Nuthatches and pied fly catchers