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Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask -Cool Aloe Review

Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloe (£1.25) contains a rich gel infused facial mask which contains a unique blend of Aloe Vera, natural Ebaife Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloevitamins and minerals combined with ceramide and sodium hyaluronate spheres which are 3 times more powerful than collagen.

It is a single treatment pampering face mask that promises to leave the user feeling rejuvenated with less visible wrinkles. We requested one of our Facebook Fans to review this product. Here’s the review:

“I am reviewing Anti Ageing Face Mask Cool Aloe; this is a facemask which does exactly what it says on the tin!

This was a very cooling product, very nice and refreshing when I put it on my face, only con about this is that it was too big for my face, it was all crinkled up at the ends but apart from that I loved it, it was very nice and refreshing and relaxing and comfortable wearing it. It was very easy to use, just a case of opening the mask out and applying it onto your face, I wore this for over 10 mins as it smelt gorgeous n made me feel relaxed!

I would recommend this to anyone I know, and explain to them how good this product actually is.

Thank you for letting me reviews an item.”