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Elnett Satin Hairspray 400ml



Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hairspray sprays ultra-fine, so that you can hardly see or feel it. And, at the end of the day, it disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving your hair feeling clean, soft and shiny. 

L’Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray offers long-lasting hold, with a brilliant shine and a soft touch. Its unique micro-diffuser sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush leaving it clean, soft and shiny. 

L’Oreal Elnett Extra Strength Hairspray for Coloured Hair is the finest hairspray used by the finest stylists. Elnett Coloured Hair hairspray is enriched with repairing nutri-ceramide. It is unique micro-diffuser sprays ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush. Elnett UV filter protects the beautiful shine of your  colour. 

L’Oreal Elnett 400ml Extra Strength Hair Spray  
gives strong hold to keep your style in place all day, whilst the satin conditioners protect your hair and improve manageability.