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Enjoy Good Health with Seven Seas Nutritional Supplements

Seven Seas have been supporting family heath since 1935 with commitment to bring you the highest quality nutritional supplements backed with decades of scientific expertise.

Seven Seas Joint Care Advanced Glucosamine Plus Omega 3 SEVEN SEAS JOINT CARE ADVANCED 60 CAPSULES(£7.99) helps maintain healthy joints. Glucosamine lays down the foundation for the everyday rebuilding of the connective tissues around the joints, including tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Chondroitin is present in cartilage and connective tissue and is involved in the attraction of fluid that lubricates the joints. Chondroitin may be obtained from the diet but is present in only a small number of foods. Omega-3 150mg of the essential Omega-3 nutrients such as EPA and DHA are contained in each capsule.

Seven Seas Health Oils – Perfect Harmony (£3.99) contains fish oil expertly blended with:

  • Starflower Oil
  • Vitamins D and E
  • Vitamins B6

Vitamin B6 which can help your hormonal balance throughout the month. Being in perfect harmony involves being kind to you and giving yourself a break.