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Freshcig Electronic Cigarette – Safer and Healthier alternative to tobacco

Freshcig Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Regular Strength 16mg £5.99FRESHCIG ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE STARTER KIT REGULAR STRENGTH 16MG

The Freshcig 30 is the most convenient way for first timers to try Electronic Cigarettes. Featuring the latest automatic battery technology it’s not only convenient it’s incredibly simple to use, connect the Refill to the Battery and inhale on the device like a Traditional Cigarette. Boasting a slender 8.5mm diameter and a 110mm length Freshcig is the most realistic Electronic Cigarette on the market, not only in appearance but the way it feels to use.


FRESHCIG ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE USB CHARGERFreshcig Electronic Cigarette Usb Charger £3.99

Why not grab a spare USB Charger and always ensure you have a charging facility for your electronic cigarette, whether its a spare for work or home, this will give you the piece of mind that you’ll never be with out a charged Freshcig.

Freshcig Electronic Cigarette Refills Rolling Tobacco 5 Pack  £8.99

This Rolling Tobacco Flavour is fast becoming the most popular with our customers.

Strength: Regular 16mg (upto 200 cigarettes)

Freshcig Electronic Cigarette Refills Menthol 5 Pack £8.99 FRESHCIG ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE REFILLS MENTHOL 5 PACK

The menthol electronic cigarette refills from Freshcig are a great way for users to get away from that stale tobacco taste often helping them break the habit.  Leaving you refreshed with a pleasant after taste and fresh breath has appeal not only for the user but also the people that are closest to you.

Strength: Regular 16mg (Up To 200 Cigarettes)

FRESHCIG ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE REFILLS CLASSIC TOBACCO 5 PACKFreshcig Electronic Cigarette Refills Classic Tobacco 5 Pack £8.99

This flavour has been developed for those who simply enjoy the classic tobacco taste present in all traditional cigarettes. Nothing fancy here, just straight to the point tobacco flavour!

Strength: Mild 11mg (Up To 200 Cigarettes)