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Fuel and Oil Additives for your Car

Nitrox Petrol Boost 300ml (£2.99) is suitable for use in petrol engine Fuel and oil additives for your carvehicles with or without a catalytic converter. It treats approximately 50 litres of petrol and improves octane level by up to 2 numbers (20 points). You see restored power & performance in your car.

STP Diesel Treatment 250ml (£5.99) is specially formulated to remove varnish, carbon deposits and water from diesel fuel systems. It helps to prevent poor performance, corrosion and fuel wastage and contains a Cetane improver to enhance cold start performance.

STP Fuel Injector Cleaner 250ml (£4.99) is a high strength, super concentrated cleaner specially formulated to remove deposits from all fuel injection systems. It clears clogged injectors, quickly dissolving deposits to improve performance.

Stp Power Booster 250ml (£5.99) increases the octane rating while helping to restore peak engine performance.

Gumout Diesel Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner (£2.99) is designed to clean up diesel fuel injectors in large tank vehicles (up to 35 gallons) in just one tankful. This product also stabilizes fuel, preventing gum and varnish formation for easier starts.