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Full range of BALANCE cosmetics now available in store


Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum Max Hydration 30ml £3.99

Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum immediate hydration is clinically proven to give 24 hour non-stop moisturisation for the face, eye and neck area’s. Suitable for all skin types and particularly effective on dry skin prone to wrinkles and is Non greasy.

From the first application the synergistic action of Hylasome EG10 and Syn-Ake results in visibly younger looking skin that is perfectly re-hydrated and smoothed.

Balance Instant Effect Wrinkle Filler 50ml £2.99

Balance Active Formula Wrinkle-freeze Serum contains active levels of Syn-Ake. Syn-Ake is a snake venom-like peptide that freezes muscles by mimicking the paralysing effect of snake venom. Clinical tests show that Syn-Ake is capable of reducing expression lines and wrinkles by inhibiting facial muscles contractions.

Balance Snake Venom Multi Tasking Skin Perfector BB Cream 30ml  £2.49

Balance Active Formula Snake Venom BB Cream is a multi-tasking skin Perfector. It contains Syn-Ake, a snake venom-like neuropeptide that softens the look of wrinkles and helps reduce expression lines, and Hylasome EG10, which has an exceptionally high water-binding capacity making it an excellent moisturiser. The universal shade adapts to your skin to blur imperfections, unify skin tone, moisturise and leave the skin looking dewy and fresh.

Balance Vitamin C Elixir Serum Pro Radiance Mix 20ml £3.99

Balance Vitamin C Elixir Serum Pro Radiance Mix 20m nourishes your skin with  with concentrated and fast-absorbing Pro-Radiance Serum-Powder Mix, containing active levels of Illumiscin and Stay-C 50.

Illumiscin is a set of stabilised Vitamin C, Zinc, PCA and Oleuropein, the powerful plant active from the olive tree. It has been proven to reduce the appearance and size of age spots, working towards brighter and more even skin tone.

Balance Wrinkle Freeze Serum 30ml  £3.49

Balance Active Formula Wrinkle-Freeze Serum is an anti-wrinkle facial serum used for the face and neck region and is suitable for all skin types. The serum formula contains active levels of the clinically proven active ingredient SYN-AKE, which clinical tests have shown to be capable of reducing expression lines and wrinkles by inhibiting facial muscle contractions. The process of freezing the muscle produces immediate, effective and long lasting results.