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Full Range of Touch of Silver Hair Care Products Now Available at ConcordExtra

Touch of Silver Hair Care Products

Touch of Silver Daily Maintenance Shampoo 200ml(£1.99)

A gentle daily shampoo formulated to cleanse and protect hair against fading and dullness. It also helps to maintain silver tones in-between washes.

An optical brightener optimises reflected light to instantly boost shine, whilst sunflower seed extract and UV absorber help to protect against photo-damage to safeguard your colour. Hair will look and feel soft, vibrant & shiny.

Touch of Silver Glamour Hairspray (£2.49)

Silver Glamour Hairspray has a micro fine mist formulated with Keratin care, which gives a long-lasting hold. This professional hairspray provides a firm hold without stickiness so your hair is manageably styled with locked-in lustrous sparkle and shine. 

Touch of Silver Revitalising Dry Shampoo 150ml  (£2.49)

Perfect for in-between washes or glamour on the go, this dry shampoo has a fresh fragrance with lots of zing and sparkle. Its ultra-absorbent formula instantly cleanses, refreshes and brightens dull limp locks, to leave your hair feeling refreshed & revitalised, full of body & texture.

Touch of Silver Shine Shampoo Weekly Treatment 150ml(£2.99)

Touch of Silver Twice a Week Shampoo protects and treats yellowing, fading and dullness of the hair. It is formulated with Violet Pigment to actively neutralise bassiness of the hair and is suitable for grey, platinum and white coloured hair.

Touch of Silver Nourish Conditioner 200ml (£1.99)

Touch of Silver Nourish Conditioner is a professional quality conditioner formulated to enhance the colour and condition of specifically grey or white hair. It contains violet colour pigments that will counteract any tendency to yellowing, fading or dullness and active ingredients to make coarse hair supple again.