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Fur Real Furry Frenzies at Concord Extra




Fur Real Furry Frenzies Cruising Carrier   (£7.99)

Curious puppy Bumper McBones loves to explore new places and sniff all FUR REAL FURRY FRENZIES CRUISING CARRIER  around. But when he forgets to look up, this pup bumps into a lot! Take your Furry frenzies fun “on the run” with this cute carrier! Your furry little bumper McBones figure is a little ball of energy — and he’s so excited to play with you that he’ll spin around in his carrier until you let him out! Put on his leash and “collar” so you can keep an eye on your puppy pal, since he loves nothing more than to race around and explore.  

FUR REAL FURRY FRENZIES SCOOT IN AND SPIN WHIRL AROUND PLAYGROUDFur Real Furry Frenzies Scoot In & Spin Whirl around Playground (£9.99)

This cute play set is the perfect place for Furry Frenzies figures to scoot, spin and roll! Wheel spins when pet runs inside — pull the lever to let your figure roll around! Play set comes with 1 Furry Frenzies pet figure, six accessories, label sheet & instructions. 

Fur Real Furry Frenzies Zooming 2 In 1 Playbus & Stage  (£9.99)FUR REAL FURRY FRENZIES ZOOMING 2 IN 1 PLAYBUS AND STAGE

Take your Furry Frenzies fun on tour with this two-in-one tour bus and performance stage play set! Your furry little paws figure is rocking’ the world, one stage show at a time – and he’s so excited to play with you! Help your adorable star sit on top of the tour bus to watch the show and then get in on the action by spinning on stage. When it’s time to move on to the next gig, put your friend inside so he can zoom around and ride to the next big performance!

Fur Real Furry Frenzies Buster Bow Wow Pet Singles  (£4.99)
Have fantastic fun with these great Furry Frenzies. These super cute, fast moving pets just love to run wild, scampering, scurrying and spinning all over the place. They even let you know they are having fun by making all kinds of funny sounds.