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Garnier Fructis Hair Styling Gel 200ml

22 / 07 /2014
Garnier Fructis Gel 200ml


Garnier Fructis Hard Unbreakable Gel 200ml Extreme  (£1.99) is “unbreakable look” gel enriched with cactus extract that allows you to create original structured solid styles that won’t budge.

Garnier Fructis Spike Fix & Freeze Spiking Gel 200ml Ultra Strong  (£1.99) keeps your style firmly in place all day long, and is so strong it can even hold defined spikes securely! Non-crispy, non-greasy and easy to wash out, this Spiking Gel is great for extreme looks and extreme hold. 

Garnier Fructis Survivor Invincible Gel 200ml Ultimate
(£1.99)  keeps your style that can survive anything for up to 24 hours? Fructis Style Survivor is the first gel enriched with cactus extract.