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GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst skin care products from 95p

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst skin care products

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst is an illuminating fragrance infused with sweet lavender, sandalwood, musk and extracts of comforting passionflower. This precious gemstone symbolises humility and spiritual wisdom – placed under the pillow, it encourages pleasant dreams.

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Bath Essence 300ml is a relaxing bath essence with extracts of comforting passionflower. Pour under warm, running water, swirl, step in and allow your body and mind to enjoy the benefits.

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Shimmer Shower Wash 200ml is a relaxing shower wash, infused with the precious gemstone Amethyst – a beautiful gem famed for its renewing and comforting effects on the body and mind. A perfect treat to leave your skin cleansed, rested and delicately scented.

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Comforting Hand Wash 300ml is uplifting fragrance backed up with added extracts of passionflower to help hands feel cleansed and cared for. The perfect addition for a restful home !

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Body Lotion Pump 285ml is a light body lotion, with added extracts of comforting passionflower, shea butter and jojoba oil. This lotion will help leave your skin feeling velvety soft and wonderfully fragrant. Simply massage over your body, put your feet up and feel your worries drift away.

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Comforting Hand Cream 75ml is a soothing hand cream with extracts of protective shea butter and restful passionflower to help hands feel pampered and cared for.

GEMSPA Relaxing Amethyst Crystal Body Scrub 200ml is inspired by spa treatments, this crystal body scrub contains mineral rich dead sea salts to help buff and polish your skin to perfection.