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Gillette Venus Razor, Blade and Shave Gels at Concord Extra

Gillette Venus Razor, Blade and Shave Gel


Gillette Venus Embrace Razor for Women (£6.99) is created with 5 blades to hug every curve and get virtually every hair. The result, an amazing close shave with unsurpassed smoothness

It has got a ribbon of moisture for a smooth glide and a soft grip handle for no slip control. This pack includes 1 razor, 1 cartridge and 1 razor case.

Gillette Venus Breeze 2in1 Razor  (£2.99) Simply wet the razor for an amazingly smooth shave. It has flexible Shave Gel Bars with rich body butters for a light lather and a smooth glide.

Gillette Satin Care For Women Shave Gel 200ml (£1.99) gives you a close, smooth shave. This special Sensitive Skin formula contains soothing Aloe and Vitamin E to help decrease skin irritation.

Gillette Venus Embrace Blades 3 Pack (£6.99) gets virtually every hair for dramatically smooth skin. Its 5 curve-hugging blades individually adjust and leave skin smooth. It fits all Venus razor handles.

Gillette Lavender Kiss Shave Gel  200ml (£1.99) gently glides the shaver with the help of lavender oil along your contours leaving a pleasant fragrance of lavender. The rich foam ensures silky smooth skin with every shave.