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GMC Line Strimmer 30cc LTP30 – £99.00

GMC Line Strimmer 30cc LTP30 (£99.00) is a reliable light weight strimmerGMC LINE STRIMMER 30CC LTP30 that won’t let you down. It has a powerful crank motor and its centrifugal clutch makes it easier to start. It has got a centre shaft joint that allows adjustment of the head angle, making working in difficult areas easier. Its D handle and a shoulder strap gives you complete control of the machine.

Following are its key specifications:

Engine size: 30cc 2-stroke

Tank capacity: 500ml

Cutting line: 2.0mm

Spool type: Bump feed

Weight: 6kg

This video from manufacturer gives shows you how to assemble, use and maintain the strimmer.