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Grow your own Potatoes

Potatoes grow from eyes which are pieces cut from seed potatoes. As they grow Seed Potatoesthey are hilled when the plants are 20 – 30 cm high. Hilling is done by covering the base of the plant with soil to prevent from the exposure to the light which causes them to turn green. They are harvested at certain temperature to maximise the length of the time they can be stored.

Did you know ?

1 Brits are the third largest consumers of potatoes in Europe after the Portugese and Irish 2 In 1995 potatoes were taken into space aboard the suttle Columbia, this is the first time food had ever been grown in space. 3 The world’s biggest potato was grown in Germany in 1997 weighing in at 3.2 kg.

Concord Extra has four varieties of Potatoes Seeds for £1.00 each. Each pack includes 8 roots.  They are:

Charlotte is suitable for: Roasting, Boiling, Salads ; King Edward is suitable for: Potato Dauphinoise , Chips, Roasting, Mashing; Maris Peer is suitable for: Salads, Potatoes Wedges, Chips, Boiling; Pentland Javelin is suitable for: Salads.