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Have you thought about the must have accessories for your holiday?

Its holiday time ! You have got your suitcases, passport and probably gadgets like ipod or ebook reader. Have you thought there are other essentials you must have? Here at Concord we have these essentials at discount prices.

AA Car Essentials Euro Travel Plug Adaptor (£2.49) is small and AA Car Essentials Euro Travel Plug Adaptolightweight so it’s ideal for packing when you travel, and no adjustments or combinations of adaptors are required. Suitable for visitors fromGreat Britain andIreland to Continental Europe or destinations using European style sockets.

Ashley Luggage Scale With Tape MeasureAshley Luggage Scale With Tape Measure (£1.99) is a compact and portable scale with 32kg capacity. It comes with 1m tape measure just to help you out with your travel requirements. Now you can take the maximum allowance without incurring extra fees at the airport.

Blackspur 2pc Luggage Straps (£1.29) are strong to give Blackspur 2pc Luggage Straps your luggage extra security. It has got an identifiable luggage tag so that you can find your luggage quickly. It Samsonite Electric Mosquito Insecticide Kitwill fit standard size luggage as it is 65 inches.

Samsonite Electric Mosquito Insecticide Kit(£2.49) drives away & skills mosquitoes to help keep you comfortable in your hotel room.It comes in 2-pin style sockets suitable for most European countries.The kit has got 10 insecticide refill tablets each lasting up to 8 hours.