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HG Ceramic Quarry Floor and Natural Stone Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit

HG Ceramic Quarry Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit £5.99  includes  everything you need to keep your floors looking sparkly and new. The Shine Cleaner gives all types of tile and stone floors a finish to be proud of. The fresh scented sheen finish enhances the colour of the floor and helps to protect against future dirt. The Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover removes fat stains and stubborn dirt, and finally the Spot Stain Remover is extremely efficient at cleaning flag stones and paving slabs of all stains.

  • HG Shine Cleaner cleans and protects in one go and is suitable for all tiled and stone floors.
  • HG Polish, Wax & Dirt Remover removes polish, wax layers, etc and is ideal for renovating old tiled and stoned floors.
  • HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover is low foaming so can be used in a scrubbing machine.
  • HG Spot Stain Remover removes stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces like quarry, terra cotta tiles, brick and concrete driveways.
  • Coverage: 1 litre will be sufficient to wash a floor area of 20m2 approx. 20 times.

HG Natural Stone Floor and Wall Maintenance Kit £5.99 are for regular maintenance cleaning and give an extra shine to your floor. The HG Natural Stone Stripper removes polishes, wax and deeply embedded dirts. Lastly, the HG Spot Stain Remover cleans oil, grease and fat stains from marble, jura, travertine and other calcareous stone floors.

  • HG Wash & Shine is suitable for both treated and untreated floors.
  • HG Wash & Shine is also ideal for crystallized marble floor.
  • HG Natural Stone Stripper DOES NOT attack or remove the original gloss of the marble or stone.
  • HG Natural Stone Stripper can neutralise surfaces after treatment with polishing powders.