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Hmdx Ibeam Speaker System With Dock For Ipod

Looking for a stylish speaker system for your iPod? The HMDX iBeam Speaker System (£19.99)is ideal for you. This looks so good that it could easily fit into any surroundings such as your kitchen, living room or bedroom. It does not take up lot of room but quite noticeable with its smart look!


This very portable speaker is compatible with all iPods as well as other music players and can produce a premium stereo sound due to the 5W RMS speakers which generate a full range sound system. A headphone jack is included to provide an alternative audio experience. It also charges your iPod as it plays.


  • iBeam Speaker System: HMDX-A100-EU
  • Charges and plays iPod
  • Full-range, premium stereo sound
  • Fits all docking iPod models
  • 2 x 2.5W speakers
  • Audio line-in allows for use with other music players
  • Headphone jack included
  • Approx: H20cm x W35cm x D9cm

For those who like style, and also love their music, the iBeam Speaker System in undoubtedly the one for you!