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Is gardening any good for you ?

Is Gardening any good for you ?

This is a general question people ask. Gardening is something you can do to have some time to yourself and it also helps you connect with your neighbours. You can meet people in your area who share their common interest and they can be a source of help when you need advice.

Gardening vegetables or fruit is not only nutritious but a way to save on your monthly bills. On the other hand, you must have tasted the difference between vegetables & fruit from your garden compared to a supermarket. You don’t have to worry about health when you use your own produce. Personally, I like the taste of my own produce and I enjoy being self-sufficient, I like the feeling that you can pick and cook when you want ! Don’t you ? The size of your garden could lead to fewer plants but you can still grow variety. Being outdoors in a garden even for short time looking at the flowers and plants has a beneficial effect on your health and state of mind. You will have space to think !

Concord Extra is offering De Ree Fruit Plants (£9.99 for 3 ) , Fruit Trees (£9.99), Roses (£9.99 for 3 ) and Shrubs (£9.99 for 3 ) with Free Delivery. Fruit plants includes Blackberry, Tayberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Gooseberry and Raspberry. Fruit trees includes Apple Jonogold, Pear Conference, Plum Opal and Sour Cherry. Shrubs includes Purple Butterfly Bush, White Butterfly Bush, Forsythia, Deutzia Scabra, Hibiscus Syriacus, Lonicera Tatarica Honeysuckle , Philadelphus Mock Orange, Pontilla Fruticosa, Spiraea Douglasii and Weigela Bristol Ruby with fourteen varieties of bush and climbing roses.  De Ree maintains high quality with regular check by trained staff. De Ree is certified for different quality marks. Since August 1994 De Ree is certificated for ISO9001, the quality management system. In 1998 De Ree was certified as an environmental friendly organization; ISO14001.

We would like to know your experience of gardening along with use quality of De Ree plants if you have used them before.

Image Source: Flickr

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