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Johnson’s Grooming Products for Cats and Dogs

Johnsons Grooming Products for Cats and Dogs



Johnson’s Anti Tangle Dog Shampoo 200ml  (£2.49)

Johnson’s Anti-Tangle Conditioning Shampoo revitalises coats and helps prevent painful knots and tangles. Conditioning, cleaning and beautifying their skin, your pet will no longer make you ashamed when out walking in the park. It is suitable for all breeds

Johnson’s Coat Care Dry Shampoo 85g For Cats And Dogs(£2.49)

This Johnson’s Coat Care Dry Shampoo will leave your pets with an eye catching shine. A dry shampoo grooming powder that cleans, deodorises and conditions both their coat and skin, they’ll be itching to go to the park to show off. It is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Johnson’s Dog Deodorant Shampoo 200ml  (£2.49)

The Johnson’s Dog Deodorant Shampoo is an effective product that banishes those smelly body odours. Adding a distinctive layer of lustre, this shampoo also works to beautify your animal’s coat leaving it shiny and fresh smelling. It is suitable for all breeds.

Johnson’s Dog Gold Coat Shampoo 200ml (£2.49)

This Johnson’s Gold Coat Shampoo improves texture and body of coat. It contains extra vitamin extracts A, E & F and Aloe Vera to nourish and improve coat condition and texture.  It is suitable for all breeds.

Johnson’s Dog Skin Calm Shampoo 200ml   (£2.49)

This shampoo prevents skin disorders and helps to alleviate dry skin and irritations leaving them more relaxed and stress free. It is suitable for all breeds. 

Johnsons Dry Foam Shampoo Spray 150ml  (£2.99)

A revolutionary dog shampoo, ‘Dry Foam Dog Shampoo’ by Johnson’s is perfect for pooches that don’t enjoy dog grooming! With no need for water, this unique dog shampoo simply foams when sprayed to clean your dog quickly and easily.