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Johnson’s Medical products for Your Cat and Dog

Johnson’s Dog Deodorant Shampoo 200ml(£2.49) dispels body odours, JOHNSONS DOG SHAMPOO 200ML DEODORISINGadds lustre and beautifies the coat. This shampoo has managed to pick up more votes than any other shampoos in the recent Your Cat and Your Dog magazines favourite product survey. It is suitable for all breeds.

Johnsons Coat Care Dry Shampoo 85gJohnson’s Coat Care Dry Shampoo 85g (£2.49) will leave your pets with an eye catching shine. It is a dry shampoo grooming powder that cleans, deodorises and conditions both their coat and skin. It is suitable for both dogs and cats. 


Johnson’s Diarrhoea Tablets 12s (£2.49)  aids relief of symptoms of mild diarrhoea caused by minor disorders, unsuitable food, change of diet, etc. It is suitable for Dogs and Cats over 12 weeks of age.

Johnsons Ear Drops 150ml  (£2.25) contains the natural ingredient PyrethrumJohnsons Ear Drops 150mleffective in treating ear mite infestations in both cats and dogs.

This product also works to prevent the build-up of excessive wax and other debris along the ear canal. The gentle formula of Johnson’s Ear Drops soothes irritation in the ears and aids the natural healing process.

To administer, gently warm the drops to body temperature, simply by holding the bottle in hand for a few minutes. Shake bottle, hold above ear and gently squeeze for 3-6 drops according to size of the animal.

Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets (£2.49) are the perfect solution to sticky pet breath! These are delicious, minty flavoured treats your pet will love which works to eliminate bad breath and also help body odour. These are suitable for both cats and dogs. Each pack contains 30 tablets.

Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm 150mlJohnsons Tea Tree Skin Calm 150ml (£2.75)has been specially developed to soothe and calm skin irritations for you cats and dogs. The gentle formula consisting of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Lavender Oil provides relief as well as antibacterial protection, promoting the natural healing process.

Johnson’s Travel Tablets (£2.25) are a brilliant product for both dogs and cats who do not travel easy. These are developed using herbal ingredients, these tablets help minimise the symptoms of motion sickness.

These effective tablets contain the natural, herbal ingredient zingiber officinale, which works to ease the effects of travel sickness. 

Johnsons Catnip Spray 150ml

Simply administer Johnsons Travel-Eze Tablets 30 minutes prior to traveling, and for longer journeys repeat the dose when stopping for a break. The pack pack contains 24 tablets.

 Johnson’s Catnip Spray 150ml (£2.75) is sure to send any cat into a feline frenzy. This product is great for deterring pets from damaging household furniture by diverting your pet’s attention back to their toys. Simply spray onto the desired areas such as scratching posts, toys and bedding.