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L’oreal Velvet Premiere Perm for Natural Hair In Store Now

L’oreal Velvet Premiere Perm for Natural Hair  £4.99

  • Richer, softer, bouncier curls.
  • Protection against dry-out and frizz.
  • Fresh fragrance.

Velvet Premiere will give you natural looking curls from roots to tips, whatever style you create. Thanks to a new innovation from the L’Oreal Laboratories it contains 2 conditioners that ensure that your curls remain rich, soft and tangle free week after week.
Continuous Conditioning

The first conditioner penetrates deep into the hair and is locked in. So shampoo after shampoo it continues to condition from the inside, keeping your curls soft and silky.

Dryout And Frizz Protection

The second conditioner smoothes the hair and provides better protection against dry out and frizz.