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Should we cook healthy food ?

egg poacherIf you are health conscious and prefer to eat poached eggs rather than fried, then egg poacher (£6.49) is totally worth toegg poacher buy. Similarly, health conscious individuals may prefer steaming to other methods which require cooking oil, resulting in lower fat content. Steaming results in a more nutritious food than boiling because fewer nutrients are leached away into the water, which is usually discarded. Rosemary Conley Two Tier Steam And Store (£19.99) with do this job for you.

No fats or oils with the halogen oven ! Infra Chef Digital Halogen Oven (£49.99) is so versatile you can let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. Cooking a wide range of delicious meals for all your family & keeping yourself & your family healthy too.egg poacher

Have you used any of these. Let us know how good they are !





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