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Monopod Z07-1 Selfie Stick with Clicker

Monopod Z07-1 Selfie Stick with Clicker  £9.99

Taking self-portraits and videos has never been easier! 

Here’s a perfect device for clicking amazing selfies. This monopod with in built bluetooth remote shutter/mobile picture clicker allows you to take great selfies with ease.

1. Simply,  Connect your camera to monopod adapter using tripod insert
2. Fully extend the monopod
3. Setup time or video mode on camera and
Press capture button.




  • Non-slip soft foam handle.
  • Quick spin knob for fast and secure mounting
  • Connects to tripod mount on camera.
  • Adapter rotates 180-degrees.
  • Unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle
  • Durable Metal Shaft
  • Pocket-size easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to use.
  • Compatible with Android 4.2.2 OS or newer and IOS 6.0 or newer
  • Note: The distance up to 10 meters 

Includes , Monopod (with strap), Tripod Mount Adapter for Gopro and Mount Phone Mount