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Old Spice: Distinctively masculine – Get a full range in our Store

Discount Old Spice range at Concord Extra

Old Spice Body Spray Deodorant 150ml (£1.89) has a lovely fresh smell which lasts all day – a great product. One of users said “I like it but more importantly so does my wife, there is something special about Old Spice!.”

Old Spice Original Aftershave 100ml  (£4.95) has been around for generations. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist. Neither would velvet paintings, the chili dog and sheepskin rugs — manly things that were made by men who smelled strong and splashed Old Spice cologne on their faces before doing other manly stuff during their day.

Old Spice Shower Gel Original 250ml (£1.99) is a refreshing shower experience that cleanses and leaves behind a masculine fragrance. It’s the great smell that lasts almost all day.

Old Spice Stick Deodorant 50ml Original (£1.49) is designed so one application will take you through your day. It protects you from odour, wetness, and keeps you smelling great.

Old Spice Kilimanjaro Deodorant Spray 150ml (£1.89) gives you 24 hour protection throughout the day to keep sweat and wetness at bay. Old Spice Kilimanjaro Deodorant Spray has been formulated with a masculine scent as well as 24 hour protection again wetness and odour no matter what your day throws at you. It leaves you feeling fresh all day!

Old Spice 2 In 1 Cooling Shower Gel & Shampoo 250ml (£1.99)  originally launched in the 1930’s this distinctive fragrance is enjoying resurgence in popularity. Old Spice Hair & Body Shower Gel+Shampoo 2-in-1 Cooling 250ml creates a cleansing lather that blasts away dirt and odour. It’s a dual action formula that cleans both hair and body, making you feel refreshed, not dry and beaten-down by life’s miseries.