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Our Best Selling Air Fresheners

Best Selling Air Fresheners

Glade Essential Oil Electric Diffuser (£2.49) contains natural plant oils that offer you the distinctive Glade fragrance you are looking for, to consistently and evenly freshen your home. 

Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener (95p) comes in a stand up plastic holder that blends in well to its surroundings and can be used anywhere providing long lasting, continuous fragrance.

Glade Discreet Complete Plug In Air Freshener (£2.49) with a discreet, contemporary design offers long lasting, continuous freshness. With its sleek profile it sits tightly against the wall when it’s plugged in and blends into your home décor.

Duzzit Fresh Lemon Scent Fridge Freshener(99p) is an ideal way to help eliminate any unwanted odours from your fridge, keeping it fresh and fragranced.

Neutradol Gel Air Fresh 140g (95p) lasts up to 3 months leaving  air smelling fresh and clean. Simply take off the lid and let Neutradol release its active formula.

Neutradol Quick Spray 50ml (95p) is the Swiss odour problem solver. Neutradol is a product of Swiss Technology containing over 50 ingredients which attack bad odours leaving clean fresh air. The formula is being constantly improved so it will always have the extra deodorizing power that makes Neutradol so different. Neutradol is the original neutraliser that laboratory tests confirm is the best Deodorizer. It is hygienic and can be used safely in the home.