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Pearl Drops Instant Whitening Tooth Polish

Pearl Drops Instant Whitening Tooth Polish Diamond Stars 65ml  PEARL DROPS INSTANT WHITENING TOOTH POLISH DIAMOND STARS 65ML99p

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Instant Whitening Tooth Polish is a break through new instant whitening tooth polish which contains unique “Diamond Stars” micro-polishers. These tiny micro particles help to smooth away stains and plaque to leave the teeth sparkling, healthy and brighter.  


Pearl Drops Whitening Tooth Polish Hollywood PEARL DROPS WHITENING TOOTH POLISH 50MLSmile 50ml  99p

This specialist whitening tooth polish has a unique advanced micro-polishing system combined with micro-shine pearls. The micro-fine particles help lift stains and plaque from the enamel surface to reveal your teeth’s natural whiteness and shine. Brush twice a day, and the clinically proven formula will polish and whiten your teeth so you’ll notice a 2 shades improvement in whiteness after just 3 weeks.