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Pots, Planters and Baskets at Concord Extra

Chatsworth 24 Cell Seed Tray 3 Pack (99p) are perfect for all types of Chatsworth 24 Cell Seed Tray 3 Packseeds and cuttings. They are strong, durable, lightweight and easily stackable with excellent drainage.  It is 36cm long x 22.5cm wide and 5.5cm deep. It is only 90p each when you buy 6.

Chatsworth Plant Pots 10.5cmChatsworth Plant Pots 10.5cm (99p) are made of a lightweight plastic and vacuum formed. These are relatively strong and have a certain amount of give. These are available in a pack of 10. These are also available in 13cm in a 6 pack. They are only 90p each when you buy 6.

Westwoods Rattan Planter Rooster (£9.99) is a charming planter and ideal gift for any gardening/rooster enthusiast. It is pre-lined and measures 16 cm wide x 17cm high. Remember to puncture lining to allow excess water to drain away.

Westwoods Rattan Hanging Basket (£2.99) is 12 inch in diameter, and pre-lined. It comes with a metal chain attached. This rustic style hanging basket fits perfectly in most gardens.

Westwoods African Style Pre-Lined Wall Pot (£2.99) is woven with Westwoods African Style Pre-Lined Wall Potbanana leaf. It is made with 100% natural material making it unique. It has got 2 tone interwoven top creating a striking effect. The basket is approximately 6.5″ tall and 7.5″ wide.

Garden wire hanging basket with linerGarden wire hanging basket with liner (£2.99) with a vibrant array of flowers makes a wonderful welcoming feature when placed either side of your door. You can choose to have a mix of flowers Brilliant Blue & Sunset Trailing or perhaps just a single splash of vivid colour with Busy Lizzie Scarlet Red & Pink and Violet.