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Sea Fishing for Beginners Part 2: How to Detect a Bite

How to detect a bite

There are lots of factors that can effect your bite detection when you are sea fishing.   They can all effect one another to mislead you about what is happening under the water. The 3 ways of detecting a bite are:

  1. Rod Movenment
  2. Line Movement
  3. Indicator Movement ie floats


Detecting the bite

The basic key to Detecting the Bite is Practice.

> Watching the rod, line or indicator for any movement, which is not being effected by the sea or wind.

> Looking for any movement or jerking on the rod tip or line, a bobbing on a float or even a rattle.

> Holding the fishing line and rod is best and it will help you focus and allow you to feel the rhythms that are going on under the sea.