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Shake N Rake Flower Seeds

Shake n rake Seed shaker

Shake n’ rake seed shaker  (£2.99) contains approximately 20 varieties of flower seeds and will cover 50 sq metres. It is favourable to sow between February to June, in time to flower at summer.  It is easy to grow, simply shake onto the ground, rake in and water !

We have eight varieties in our store: The Red Garden, The Pink Garden, Butterfly & Bee Flowers, Wild Flowers , Scented Flowers, The Blue Garden, Rockery Garden and The Yellow Garden. All these are packed in an eco-friendly way showing commitment to the environment.

Here’s a some information on how to grow:

  • Prepare soil and remove small stones & weeds
  • Rake soil to a depth of around 2.5-4 cm
  • Hold box upside down & shake vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the seeds
  • Distribute seeds evenly over the are to be planted by shaker top
  • Rake surface lightly
  • Water well and ensure that soil is kept moist

If  you have grown these flowers before, leave your comments on this post.